Omicron retreats: Israel may ease current restrictions

 Omicron retreats: Israeli restrictions may be eased

Israeli officials will discuss the easing of some quarantine restrictions as the Omicron coronavirus strain has begun to recede.

Israeli media reported this on Friday, February 11.

The discussion is expected to take place next week. There is a possibility that the question of lifting the obligation to wear masks in the open air will be raised.

Rumors about this appeared against the backdrop of a decrease in the number of infected people in the country. As of Friday, 27,723 new cases were detected per day. The day before, the figure was higher. According to the Ministry of Health, serious cases of the disease are most common among Israelis who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus.

Among unvaccinated patients aged 60 years and older, there were 361.1 seriously ill patients per 100,000 people, compared with 30 .4 among those vaccinated.

The infection rate R was 0.76 – this is the lowest figure since October last year.

The death rate from coronavirus is also decreasing. On February 11, the number of deaths for the entire period of the pandemic reached 9,431 people. According to experts, it decreased by 28% compared to last week.

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