Omicron rages in Israel: new data from the Ministry of Health

Omicron rages in Israel: new data from the Ministry of Health

170 new cases of infection with the Omicron coronavirus strain have been confirmed in Israel over the past 24 hours.

This was announced on December 21 by the press service of the Ministry of Health .

Thus, the total number of those infected with the new South African strain has reached 341.

According to the department, 234 people imported the strain from South Africa, England, France, USA, UAE, Hungary , Italy, Namibia, Tanzania, Germany, Morocco, Spain, Serbia, Belgium, Cyprus and Turkey. Another 29 & ndash; from South Africa, England, USA and France. 66 people became infected in Israel.

It is clarified that 95 infected were not vaccinated or recovered, 246 & ndash; fully vaccinated or recovered.

Among other things, Omicron is also suspected in 807 infected. All the necessary tests are being carried out to find out whether someone is carrying the strain.

According to the Ministry of Health, 25 infected turned out to be students in Maale Adumim. The outbreak was due to two teachers. Both infected teachers were partially vaccinated.

According to the ministry's morning statistics, 1,306 new cases of COVID-19 infection were detected in the country per day. Today, 81 patients are in serious condition, 41 are connected to ventilators.

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