Omicron is declining much faster than Delta

According to the international press, an example of an epidemic of the Omicron strain in South Africa allows us to talk about the first encouraging results.

South Africa was the first country in which Omicron was discovered in the beginning of November. At the moment, there are no signs that it is more dangerous than other variants of the coronavirus.

The number of hospitalizations due to the coronavirus has increased in nine counties of South Africa – but neither the death rate nor the average length of hospitalization has increased.

Israeli Health Minister Joe Pakhella said: “ Preliminary data indicates an increase in hospital admissions, but there is no indication that Omicron causes more serious consequences. '' Over the past week in South Africa, more than 20 thousand cases of infection with Omicron were detected, but only 20 deaths were recorded.

Moreover, according to the province of Gauteng, in which both Pretoria and Johannesburg are located, the number of infections began to fall. The number of infections has dropped by 3.9% from the previous week, and the infection rate is 377 cases per 100,000 population.

Raduuan Suleiman, one of the COVID experts in South Africa says: & ldquo; Corona in Gauteng began to decline & rdquo ;. In his opinion, Omicron peaked and began to decline much faster if you compare what is happening with the graphs of the peak of Delta.

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