Omicron in Israel: three confirmed cases

Omicron in Israel: three confirmed cases

The Israeli Ministry of Health has published the latest data on the distribution of the Omicron strain in the country. At the moment, three cases of infection with a new strain of coronavirus have been confirmed in Israel:

1) a woman who returned from Malawi, vaccinated with AstraZeneca;
2) a woman who returned from South Africa, vaccinated with Pfizer;
3) A man who recently returned from the UK received three doses of Pfizer. The man is known to be a cardiologist at Sheba Hospital.

According to the Ministry of Health, there is a suspicion that 30 people may be carriers of the Omicron strain, but the results of genetic sequencing are not yet ready. Among them, 11 people returned from abroad, and 19 have not left Israel recently.

Test results of 12 more Israelis are also expected. The likelihood of detecting a new strain in them is assessed as “ very low. ''

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