Omicron could end pandemic in two months

Omicron could end the pandemic in two months

Technical Director of the Public Health Administration (SSI) of Denmark, Tira Grove Krause, said that the peculiarities of the course of the coronavirus when infected with the Omicron strain; allow us to make the assumption that the wave of morbidity from it may be the last in a pandemic.

Thus, as the expert pointed out, “this may be what will lead us out of the pandemic”; coronavirus. And given the fact that the disease with the Omicron strain is easier than with Delta, you can expect that the population will have good immunity. In particular, the risk of hospitalization due to Omicron; half the size of Delta. All this will accelerate the end of the coronavirus pandemic in the world.

Krause is confident that the spread of the Omicron strain will peak at the end of January. In February, a decrease in infectious pressure will begin, as well as a decrease in the burden on the health service. However, she emphasized the need to “make an effort in January because it’s going to be a tough time,” writes.

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