Omer Adam replied to Meirav Michaeli: mind your own business

Omer Adam replied to Meirav Michaeli: mind your own business

Famous Israeli performer Omer Adam wrote a post in which he responded to criticism of his latest work, & ldquo; Kakdila & rdquo; by the Minister of Transport and the main fighter for all kinds of justice in Israel, Meirav Michaeli.

Michaeli previously published an outrageous message in which she called the song “ racist, divisive and degrading ''. Michaeli also complained that “over the years I have had to deal with the devastating consequences of these songs and the culture they create.” Michaeli claims Adam was 'humiliated' Russian-speaking girls and promotes the “culture of rape.”

Adam responded with:“ Dear Madam Michaeli. First of all, thank you very much for taking my song so seriously. My surname and I are of Caucasian origin. We never intended to harm anyone. The song was written with a sense of self-irony – and also performed by me. And so please, before you start reading morality and trying to protect the community of which I am a part from me, you should study the facts. I invite you to watch the Matsav ha-Uma program, in which your spouse laughs at the whole country, including the Russian-speaking community. In spite of everything, I love you, Minister, and I hope that you will be able to do something useful for the transport industry. ”

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