Omer Adam not only left for Dubai, but also sold his business in Israel

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 Omer Adam not only left for Dubai, but also sold his business in Israel

Singer Omer Adam, who traded a glamorous life in Israel for Dubai along with his partner Yael Shalvia, not only took a break from performing in Israel, left the country, his home in Mishmar HaSheva and his family, but now it seems that he is leaving his business in Israel.

These days the singer is in Dubai, having managed to make a short visit to his homeland in Israel, fly to Paris to celebrate the Saint's Day Valentina with his beloved Salviya and return to a new life in Dubai.

Adam does not rest and continues to develop his business, starting to promote the eyewear brand “Catalia” in Dubai, which is jointly owned by him and an eyewear company "Opticana". But at the same time, it became known that the singer decided to say goodbye to other businesses in Israel.

In April 2021, the singer entered the restaurant and beach business and became a partner of the restaurant and beach "Mia Beach" in Eilat. The singer held a brilliant launch event there, which was attended by many celebrities who flew to the southern city of Israel and celebrated there all summer long with crazy beach parties. But now, after changing his place of residence and a new life in Dubai, the singer has decided to sell his stake in "Mia Beach".

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