Olympics Rio de Janeiro 2016 in detail (photos, video)

Summer Olympic games of the XXXI in Rio-de-Janeiro (Brazil) will be held from 5 to 21 August.

Олімпіада Ріо-де-Жанейро 2016 в подробицях (фото, відео)

Summer Olympic games Rio 2016

Олімпіада Ріо-де-Жанейро 2016 в подробицях (фото, відео)

The host city: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The number of participating countries: 206

Number of athletes: 10 899

Played medals: 306 sets

Number of sports: 26

Opening ceremony: 5 August

Closing ceremony: August 21

Main stadium: maracanã

The Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) will take place in 2016 and will be held from 5 to 21 August. It will be the first Olympics held in South America, the second in Latin America after the Olympic games 1968 in Mexico city and the first since 2000, held in the southern hemisphere. And now, among the unconquered continents, except Antarctica, is one Africa, never to host this major event.

The Olympics played a record number of medals (306) and is expected to involve a record number of countries (207), including for the first time Kosovo and South Sudan.


The logo of the XXXI Olympic summer Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro designed by Brazilian design Studio “Tatl Design” and first presented to the public on 31 December 2010.

The basis of the symbol — a stylized Rio — the mountains, the sun and the sea in the form of curved lines resembling silhouettes holding hands, dancing people.

The logo is made in colors of national flag of Brazil — blue, yellow and green — and is intended to symbolize the interaction and energy, harmony in diversity, the abundance of nature and Olympic spirit.

Official trailer for the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro:

As Rio became the host of the Olympics

For the Olympics 2016 initially claimed 8 cities, but the final vote was chosen four finalists: Madrid (Spain), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Tokyo (Japan) and Chicago (USA). The choice of the capital took place in Copenhagen (Denmark) at the 121st IOC session on October 2, 2009.

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Voting was conducted in a maximum & the number of rounds to three. And only in the first round was a struggle among the candidate cities, which with a slight advantage from other conquered Madrid. The second and third rounds were a clear advantage for the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro, which was declared the capital of the XXXI Olympic games.

Note that this was not the first attempt of Rio to host the Olympics. Rio de Janeiro applied to host the summer Olympic games in 1936, 1940, 2004 and 2012, but never hit the number of cities participating in the final voting.


The competition will be held during the period when South America calendar winter. The temperature during this period fluctuates from +18 to +25 °C. the time Difference between Moscow and Rio de Janeiro is 6 hours. The climate is hot and humid, a bit like Athens.


The mascots of the Games were two beasts, symbolizing the flora and fauna of Brazil. One mascot is yellow in color and symbolizes the brightest and the most common representatives of the animal world of Brazil — the monkey and the parrot. The second beast has become a collective image of the Brazilian flora in his features, and you can learn the elements of wood and flower elements.

Олімпіада Ріо-де-Жанейро 2016 в подробицях (фото, відео)

Vinicius and Tom – mascots of the Summer Olympic games 2016

Olympic venues

The organizers divided the venue into four zones: Barra, Deodoro, maracanã, Copacabana.

The official Olympic anthem “Gods of Olympus go to Rio de Janeiro”


The most intense competition in terms will be Barra, where you plan to host a lot of competitions, also in the Barra Olympic village, Olympic Park, Main press centre and the television station.

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Sports facilities Barra:

Centre of water sports (swimming and synchronized swimming);

– The Maria Lenk pool (water Polo, diving);

Olympic arena (sport and rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline);

– The velodrome;

– Olympic tennis center;

– RIOCENTRO (Boxing, weightlifting, table tennis, badminton);

Olympic halls 1-4 (basketball, judo, Taekwondo, wrestling, handball);

The Golf centre.


In Deodoro, the former military base, will be competitions in equestrian sports, modern pentathlon, fencing, kayak slalom, Cycling (mountain bike and BMX) and shooting.


The arena maracanã is named so because of its Central object will be the maracanã stadium is one of the most famous football stadiums in the world. It will be held the ceremony of opening and closing, as well as competitions in football. With the exception of Rio de Janeiro’s football competitions will take other Brazilian cities — Brasilia, Salvador, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Among other objects are Maracana arena “Maracanazinho” (volleyball) stadium and Joao Havelange (track and field).

Олімпіада Ріо-де-Жанейро 2016 в подробицях (фото, відео)

The maracanã stadium — arena for football matches, opening ceremonies and closing of the Rio 2016


In the area of “Copacabana” will be mostly competition related to water, because Copacabana is a beach, one of the most famous in the world:

– Sailing;

– Open water swimming;

– Triathlon;

Rowing sports.

– Walking and marathon;

– Cycling (road);

Олімпіада Ріо-де-Жанейро 2016 в подробицях (фото, відео)

Journalists will have built a mini Olympic village in the districts of Barra, maracanã and Deodoro.

Olympic torch “Rio 2016”

Олімпіада Ріо-де-Жанейро 2016 в подробицях (фото, відео)

The design of the Olympic torch designed by the Studio “of Chelles & Hayashi” (“Chelles & Hayashi”) of são Paulo and selected by the jury of the results of the contest, which was presented 76 works.

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One of the design features of the torch is moveable segments that appear vertically when the transfer relay of the Olympic flame from torchbearer to torchbearer. When you deploy segments are opening up hidden items in the form of wavy lines, made in the colors that symbolize the sea, the mountains, the sky and the sun, and the colours of the Brazilian flag. The moment of contact of the torches and the spillover of fire from one to the other creators called “kiss of torches”.

Across the surface of the torch marked texture whose elements are the small triangles symbolize the main Olympic values – excellence, friendship and respect.

According to brand Director of Rio 2016 Beth Lula design is one of the symbols “Rio 2016” has absorbed the Olympic spirit, the nature of Brazil and harmonious diversity and energy of Brazilians.

Design: Chelles & Hayashi (Chelles & Hayashi);

Material: aluminum, gum;

Color: metallic elements with colors of the Brazilian flag;

Height: 63.5 cm (in the open state 69 cm);

Weight: 1.0 — 1.5 kg;

Number: more than 12 thousand pieces.

The program of the competitions

The program of the competition remained about the same as in previous Games.

At the same session of the IOC when Rio became the capital of the Games, it was decided to include in the program of the Olympic games Rugby 7’s and Golf are not new to the Game, but their absence was measured already for many decades. Golf is back in the program after 112 years, and Rugby through 92. Thus, it is not greatly changed the competition programme of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro compared to the previous summer Games in London.

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