Olympics-2020: Luzan and Chetverikova won silver for Ukraine in a canoe-two

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Olympics-2020: Luzan and Chetverikova won silver for Ukraine in a canoe-two

Only Chinese women overtook the girls.

< p> Rowers Lyudmila Luzan and Anastasia Chetverikova won the fourth & # 171; silver & # 187; for Ukraine at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Girls competed in double canoe rowing. They only lacked a share to reach the first place – a little more than 2 seconds, Chronicle.info reports with reference to Channel 24.

The Ukrainians covered a distance of 500 meters and showed a time of 1 minute 57.499 seconds. The first came the Chinese, and the third the Canadians. The team of the Russian Olympic Committee finished last.

How was the & # 171; silver & # 187; race for Ukraine

Ukrainians immediately took the lead. & nbsp; However, the Chinese women did not manage to catch up at the finish. & nbsp; True, they were almost 1.5 seconds faster than the third place.

< p> So, & nbsp; the results of the top three are as follows:

  • China (Shu Shishao and San Mangya) & # 8212; 1: 55.495
  • Ukraine (Lyudmila Luzan and Anastasia Chetverikova) & # 8212; 1: 57.499
  • Canada (Lawrence Vincent-Lapoent and Katie Vincent) & # 8212; 1: 59.041

Since the women's canoe is presented for the first time at this Olympics, the Chinese women showed the best Olympic time.

Germany, Hungary, Cuba, Moldova and ROC also made it to the final. The Germans and Hungarians were more than 4 seconds behind the first place, while the Cubans and Moldavians were more than 6 seconds behind. In addition, the Russian team failed altogether – they came more than 9 seconds later than the Olympic champions.

 Olympics-2020: Luzan and Chetverikova won silver for Ukraine in two-piece canoe

Happy Lyuda and Nastya

In the comments after the race, the girls were very pleased. & Nbsp; True, they added: there is still potential, so in the near future you can expect more from them. & Nbsp; And at the next Olympics in Paris, you can well count on a gold medal.

< img class = "aligncenter" src = "/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/olimpiada-2020-luzan-i-chetverikova-zavoevali-dlja-ukrainy-serebro-v-kanoe-dvojke-4cfd1d0.png" alt = "Olympics-2020: Luzan and Chetverikova won silver for Ukraine in a canoe-two" />

The girls explained their success simply – “we are doing our job”.

Second medal of Lyudmila Luzan in Tokyo

Earlier Lyudmila Luzan chose & # 171; bronze & # 171;. She competed at a distance of 200 meters in a canoe unit.

It is interesting that the Ukrainian won this award only in the last meters. Moreover, the fate of the third place was determined by the photo finish.

In general, Ukraine at the 2020 Olympics already has 15 medals – 1 & # 171; gold & # 187;, 4 & # 171; silver & # 187; and 10 bronze awards. In the team event & # 171; blue-yellow & # 187; take 40th place, and 16th in the number of medals.

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