Olympics-2020: all medals of Ukrainian athletes

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Olympics-2020: all medals of Ukrainian athletes

Ukraine took the worst place in history in the medal standings of the Olympic Games.

Ukraine is represented at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo by 157 athletes. Ukrainians finished their performances with 19 medals, Chronicle.info reports with reference to Channel 24.


  • August 4. & nbsp; Jean Beleniuk & nbsp ; – Greco-Roman wrestling

The Ukrainian national team won the first gold medal at the 2020 Olympics on August 4. It was brought to our team by Zhan Beleniuk, who confidently defeated Hungarian Viktor Lerinets in the final.

This is the second medal for Beleniuk at the Olympics. In 2016 in Rio, he won the silver medal.

In general, Beleniuk won all major tournaments – the Olympics, World Championships, European Championships and European Games.


  • August 1. & nbsp; Mikhail Romanchuk & nbsp; – swimming

Swimmer Mikhail Romanchuk on August 1 brought Ukraine the first silver medal at the 2020 Olympic Games. Mikhail won the second place in the 1500m freestyle.

Romanchuk qualified for the Olympics finals in first place. But in the decisive swim, the Ukrainian was overtaken by the irrepressible Robert Fink from the USA.

  • August 4. & nbsp; Parviz Nasibov & nbsp; – Greco-Roman wrestling

The Ukrainian team could receive a gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling in the weight category up to 67 kg. Ukrainian Parviz Nasibov reached the final. But the 22-year-old wrestler offensively lost, having received a silver medal.

  • August 5. & nbsp; Angelica Terlyuga & nbsp; – karate

Karate was first introduced at the Olympics. And in the debut competition, Ukraine managed to get a medal. Angelica Terlyuga successfully overcame the group stage (four fights, two of which she won, and two more ended in a draw), reaching the semifinals. This guaranteed her a medal. She got a ticket to the final in the last seconds of the battle. But in the final she lost to the representative of Bulgaria.

  • August 7. & nbsp; Lyudmila Luzan and Anstasia Chetverikova & nbsp; – two-canoe

< p>Two seconds was not enough for the Ukrainian women to get the & # 171; gold & # 187; which the Chinese women received. The women's canoe was presented for the first time at this Olympics, so the athletes from China showed the best Olympic time. The Ukrainians covered a distance of 500 meters and showed a time of 1 minute 57.499 seconds. Luzan and Chetverikova are silver medalists in Tokyo. For Lyudmila, this award has become the second on Japanese soil.

  • August 7. & nbsp; Alexander Khizhnyak & nbsp; – boxing

Boxer Alexander Khizhnyak brought the Ukrainian team a silver medal. & # 171; Gold & # 187; received by his rival – Ebert Conceisano from Brazil. The hut was three minutes from the Olympic & # 171; gold & # 187 ;. The boxer had an absolute advantage by the decision of the judges, but he missed a blow from the Brazilian, after which the judge counted him a knockout.

  • August 8. & nbsp; Elena Starikova & nbsp; – cycling

Elena Starikova destroyed all the experts' predictions. The Ukrainian woman in keirin stopped one step away from the medal – 4th place. But she did not let go of the awards in the sprint. 25-year-old Lviv woman on her way & # 171; ate & # 187; Olympic medalists and reached the final. Only the world record holder from Canada Kelsey Mitchell was faster than the Ukrainian. Starikov is being transported to Ukraine & # 171; silver & # 187; and on a positive note completes the Olympic Games for the country.


  • July 24th. Daria Beloded – judo (up to 48 kilograms)

In the battle for the bronze, Beloded proved to be stronger than Shira Rishoni from Israel. In regular time, the athletes did not score points, but in stoppage time, Beloded was still able to hold an ippon. In the semifinals, Beloded lost to the experienced Japanese woman Funa Tonaki.

This medal was the first for Ukraine at the Tokyo Olympics. In judo, our country has had no awards since 2008.

  • July 25. & Nbsp; Igor Reizlin & nbsp; – sword

The second medal for the Ukrainian national team was won by Igor Reizlin. It was the first Olympic Games for the 37-year-old epee fencer. He confidently reached the semifinals, but suffered an offensive defeat. Therefore, he had to fight for the bronze medal. He was opposed by the Italian Andrea Santarelli. Reislin won with a score of 15:12.

For the Ukrainian national team, this is the first ever award in the men's individual sword at the Olympics. And for 37-year-old Reizlin – the first participation in the Olympics.

  • July 27. & nbsp; Elena Kostevich & nbsp; and & nbsp; Oleg Omelchuk & nbsp ; – bullet shooting

On the fourth day of competition, Elena Kostevich and Oleg Omelchuk brought Ukraine a bronze medal in pistol shooting from a distance of 10 meters.

The Ukrainians showed the third result in qualifying and got the right to take part in the shootout for & # 171; bronze & # 187; with Zorana Arunovic and Damir Mikech from Serbia. The Ukrainians won 16:12 and received a bronze medal.

  • July 29. & Nbsp; Mikhail Romanchuk & nbsp; – freestyle 800 meters

Mikhail Romanchuk qualified for the 800m freestyle final with an Olympic record. Therefore, a victory was expected from him. Another award to Ukraine could have been brought by Sergey Frolov, who also started at this distance. But Romanchuk finished only third. Frolov showed only the sixth result.

  • July 31. & nbsp; Elina Svitolina & nbsp; – tennis

Elina Svitolina on July 31 played against Elena Rybakina from Kazakhstan in the bronze final of the 2020 Olympics. From Tokyo, a Ukrainian woman goes bronze medalist.

Thanks to the victory, Svitolina won the first medal for Ukraine in tennis tournaments at the Olympic Games. Previously, our tennis players have never won medals.

After the fight, Svitolina could not hold back her emotions and burst into tears. The Ukrainian woman admitted that this medal has a special meaning for her.

  • August 3. & nbsp; Alla Cherkasova & nbsp; – freestyle wrestling

Ukrainian freestyle wrestler Alla Cherkasova on August 3 brought another medal for the national team of Ukraine. She won the fight for third place in the weight category up to 68 kilograms.

In the semifinals, the Ukrainian wrestler was stopped by the world champion from the USA Tamira Mensa-Stok. She defeated Cherkasova with a score of 4:10. Nevertheless, in the match for & # 171; bronze & # 187; Cherkasova met with a Japanese woman Sarah Dose. The Ukrainian enchantingly defeated her rival and became the bronze medalist of the 2020 Olympics.

  • August 4. & nbsp; Marta Fedina and Anastasia Savchuk & nbsp; – synchronized swimming

Ukraine won the first medal in artistic swimming – bronze in the performance of duets. Marta Fedina and Anastasia Savchuk received it.

  • August 4. & nbsp; Irina Kolyadenko & nbsp; – freestyle wrestling

Ukraine as a whole successfully performed in the fight. In the weight category up to 62 kilograms, the bronze medal was won by Irina Kolyadenko. In total, on August 4, Ukrainians won four awards at once.

  • August 5. & nbsp; Lyudmila Luzan & nbsp; – rowing

Lyudmila Luzan managed to surprise everyone at this Olympics. The Ukrainian athlete from the first place went to the final 200 meters canoe. But in the final she fought only for the third place. And she snatched the victory from her rival only thanks to the photo finish.

  • August 6. & nbsp; Stanislav Goruna & nbsp; – Karate

Another the medal in karate was brought by Stanislav Goruna. He managed to reach the semifinals, but already there he lost to the Italian Luigi Buza. Therefore, I had to be content with only a bronze award.

  • August 7. & Nbsp; Marina Aleksieva, Vadislava Aleksieva, Marta Fedina, Ekaterina Reznik, Anastasia Savchuk, Alina Shinkarenko, Ksenia Sidorenko, Yelizaveta Yakhno & nbsp; – synchronized swimming

Ukraine received & # 171; bronze & # 187;. According to the results of the technical program, the Ukrainian national team was in the third place. Ukrainian women for their shown program received a result of 94.2685 points and were inferior only to representatives of Russia and China. In the free program, our girls showed a result of 96.0333 and scored a total of 190.3018. This result allowed our & # 171; fish & # 187; take third place and second medal in this discipline.

  • August 7. & nbsp; Yaroslav Maguchikh & nbsp; – athletics

Yaroslava Maguchikh is a bronze medalist of the 2020 Olympics. The Ukrainian finished her performance with 2 meters. The victory was won by the athlete of the ROC Maria Lesitskene – 2.04. & # 171; Silver & # 187; Australian Nicola McDermott has 2.02.

Ukraine took 44th place in the team medal event at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

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