“Olympic” is not admitted to the next season in the Premier League

«Олимпик» не допущен к следующему сезону в Премьер-лиге

The Ukrainian football Association (UAF) has issued the “Olympic” diploma for participation in the Premier League.

Marseille have denied the issuance of certificate of season 2019-2020 due
inconsistencies of the club the rules of the Premier League. As you know, to participate in the Premier League have
each club should have a youth and Junior team (U-21 and U-19), and
the commands above Marseille disqualified for match-fixing.

“It’s a shame that people in the Federation didn’t keep his word. They promised
the disqualification of the youth teams does not hurt the first team. People
which now funds the football, not so much. They have to keep the partners and
not to destroy it. Therefore, the Federation is a pest of Ukrainian football.

On the sidelines we knew about it 4-5 months ago. But we are deceived all
time. Promised that nothing will happen. We say it’s tolerable. If we did
will not issue a certificate, then I will give a lot of information – it will be interesting,” said
the President of Olympique de Marseille Vladyslav helzin in an interview “Tribuna.com”.

At the moment it is unknown who will take the place of Marseille in the Premier League. Not
is possible that finishes in 10th place in the Premier League “Karpaty” instead of the play-offs
will remain in the elite division and a chance to maintain residence in the Premier League will receive
Kiev “Arsenal”, which is the principle of the sport was relegated to the second League.

May 31 Marseille will hold a press conference in connection with the refusal of the UAF in the results
the certificate for the 2019-2020 season. The club promises to sound sensational
the facts on the problems of Ukrainian football.

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