Olya Polyakova tight fitting latex and has dethroned Tina Karol: the Goddess

Оля Полякова обтянулась латексом и заткнула за пояс Тину Кароль: Богиня

Olga Polyakova appeared in a new way “blinded” to other guests

In Kiev on the occasion of the 14th birthday of the famous Ukrainian magazine held a Grand party, attended by many Ukrainian stars of show business, cinema and sports.

After passing through the red carpet in Pochayna Event Hall, guests were immediately immersed in the atmosphere of a Disco Party. Such was the theme of the ball, so many guests dressed in colorful costumes, jackets and dresses with feathers and sequins of all sorts.

Before the concert, guests had the opportunity to chat, drink a glass of champagne and enjoy sweet treats. Also in the lobby with several photo zones.

Оля Полякова обтянулась латексом и заткнула за пояс Тину Кароль: Богиня

Оля Полякова обтянулась латексом и заткнула за пояс Тину Кароль: Богиня

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Show business

Prom Queen this year was Olga Polyakova, who previously received the title of the most beautiful women of Ukraine for the Ukrainian version of the magazine.

Singer to exit chose the slinky latex dress in dark green, which looked like a real mermaid. She came to the hotel and immediately caused a stir among journalists. The star was in high spirits. Recall that one of the fans of latex dresses in the Ukrainian show business is called Tina Karol, which appeared to them on various events. Polyakov seems to have picked up the trend.

Emotional talking with the press, Olya Polyakova went to prepare for his performance at the ball.

Relevant photos have already appeared in one of the fan groups of the singer network Instagram. Commentators have already managed to leave their rave reviews:

“You’re like a mermaid! Beauty, the GODDESS)”, “Please do not cross the line of decency. You’re super!”, “You were wearing such dresses look gorgeous”, “I Want this lady♥great game”.

Оля Полякова обтянулась латексом и заткнула за пояс Тину Кароль: Богиня

Also earlier it was reported that the popular Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova has dedicated a new song to lovers who are destroying the song.

The staff concerned were published in the Internet.

So, in the new song, the singer tells the story of “the third superfluous”, which it not in forces more to be. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the woman accepts responsibility for his actions and decided to break relations.

“I promise to return everything that was stolen,” — said in the text message.

It is noteworthy that the published footage seen different collages with different pictures Olya Polyakova. Note that the author of the text and music is Olga Zhyvotkov-position.

Recall, Polyakova “followed” sabredance.

As reported Politeka, Polyakova in bed confused by all candid photos.

Also Politeka wrote that Polyakov was tried on a down jacket Buzova and laugh fans.

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