Olya Polyakova complained about her daughter's bad habits

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Olya Polyakova complained about her daughter's bad habits

The singer lit a cigarette because of her daughter.

We have already said that recently Olya Polyakova called Morgenstern & # 171; a deeply talented person & # 187 ;. Then the singer spoke about the scandalous songs of her eldest daughter Masha, reports Chronicle.info with reference to Today.

According to the artist, until the concert of Masha Polyakova and her group, she did not hear the songs and did not know that there would be mats . The girl, on the other hand, was ready for the hate that poured out on her after the performance.

Olya Polyakova claims that Masha is a very independent and self-confident girl. But at the same time, the star mom & nbsp; cannot cope with her daughter's smoking .

I didn't smoke for 15 years, until I found this shit on my child. I found her and lit a cigarette, – showed Polyakova an electronic cigarette in the episode of the show with Masha Efrosinina & # 171; Adult girls & # 187 ;.

Olya admits that is not knows how to make Masha stop smoking . She takes a cigarette from the girl, but she buys a new one. The performer even threatened her daughter that she would not pay for her studies at the university, but she also said that, of course, she would, and Masha knows it.

And once, after a quarrel with Polyakov's daughter the next day I bought her expensive shoes:

I don't know how to punish children at all. Masha and I were in Nice, we had a fight, she called me a bad word, sent & # 8230; The next day I bought her sandals from Dior for 800 euros.

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