Olya Polyakova answered a provocative question about infidelity

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Olya Polyakova answered a provocative question about infidelity

The singer does not hesitate to speak on frank topics.

Olya Polyakova admits that she is not afraid to show her fans her routine. Read to find out more, reports Chronicle.info with a link to Clutch.

Superblonde Olya Polyakova lives in a happy marriage with businessman Vadim Polyakov. The couple have two daughters growing up: 16-year-old Maria and 9-year-old Alice. The singer often shows moments from family life on her Instagram page. According to her, she is completely frank with her fans, so she is ready to discuss the most piquant topics with them.

Recently, Polyakova, behind the scenes of the MASK hyper show, told how her husband reacts to frank discussions on social networks, and started talking about relationship on the side.

“Vadik is my friend! He is for any boil, except hunger strike “, – laughing, comments the star detective of the show” MASK “Olya Polyakova in an interview with the magazine” Relax! “

In one of these discussions, the singer said that if a woman not busy with business, but in marriage there is a crisis – she will look for relationships on the side. But, as it turned out, this was not really about her:

“If only, if only & # 8230; I don’t know: I always found something to do. Before giving 200 concerts a year, she decoupage furniture, painted walls. Now, in parallel with concerts, I bake bread, cook cheese – my energy is always transformed into business. Yes, I am against the destruction of what you have been building for a long time, “the artist admitted.

In addition, the detective of the show” MASKA “on the TV channel” Ukraine “noted that the issue of forgiveness of betrayal is for her alien, so she will not give advice to her fans.

“This is a difficult question. And the only topic that we probably will not raise in “Grown Up Girls”: neither Masha Efrosinina, nor I had such a story, “- comments Olya Polyakova.

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