Olga Freimut inspected the restaurant of the famous chef Andrea Nori

Ольга Фреймут проинспектировала ресторан известного шеф-повара Андреа Нори

Olga Freimut inspected the restaurant of the famous chef Andrea Nori
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“Casa Nori” is on the hem. The institution received from the presenter 2 snowdrop.

Olga Freimut, earlier to inspect the restaurant of Hector Jimenez-Bravo, visited another Metropolitan institution. This time the restaurant top chef “Casa Nori” at the hem. Freimut visited the institution on 19 November at 20:20. Inspection findings the presenter

shared with subscribers in Instagram (the text is reproduced completely and without modification):

– I live on the hem, there a lot of restaurants as paciorek on Bukovynian embroidery. But they annoy me – most superficial, APE the concept and cuisine of each other. Burgers, pizza, Mexican burritos. Spoil the appetite and rats, which often fly out of the black outputs of the eatery.

The restaurant “Casa Nori” is almost the only place on the hem which I like. The concept of the restaurant – Venetian cuisine, enveloped in the recipes mom’s chef Andrea Nori. I trust restaurants that opened NOT brutal cheating wives of oligarchs, or businessmen for private purposes, and real cooks. Andrea, the chef-patron “Casa Nori”, by the way, is almost always at work. You will immediately notice is a tall man with a shaved head. He is busy on the dishes in the open kitchen; how the spider sits in the corner sitting at the table writing something. Creative it look.

We expert came by car. To Park was difficult, but the security guard of the restaurant found us a place. At the table (we booked in advance) we have not had, I’m so cold, without invitation, walked up the stairs. Then a waiter noticed us, allowed to sit at the selected place. There were lots of people. Spoke different languages, the mystery guests hiding in the sounds of lounge music.

Our table was probably supposed to teach to good manners – small, elbows avian wing is not expanded. But his corner was pokazany. Would be defects, to cover table linens, I always mask the shortcomings of the face creams … From “Casa Nori” expected to serve in the style of “fine dining” that was the white tablecloth and in ryadochek laid out Cutlery, bread plate, cups for water, wine glasses … In Italy do. This is a problem all restaurants “Haute cuisine” in Ukraine – tablecloths to cover the tables is not accepted, suddenly guest-slob something reslope… And Laundry in the institutions, we have not yet lived.

However, the “Casa Nori” myself for a pretentious restaurant is not to be. This Osteria, a genre which does not provide for elegant serving and high service.

So on my Desk was only the most necessary: linen napkins brown finish with an embroidered monogram, candle, glasses of colored glass, balsamic vinegar and oil.

We called the sommelier: to my surprise the Butler in “Casa Nori” was a girl. “Pour it on” suggested wine “Montepolciano Riserva” or “Valpolicello Superiore Allegrini”. Xenia was the name of a sommelier, a good understanding of the wine list – called position clear, I would certainly language Zapletal.

We ordered mozzarella Burrata with fresh tomatoes and also pasta with Burrata and bottarga (caviar) tuna. All brought on time. First course – three minutes (I wondered what if someone of the guests is not eaten – and I made). A waiter in a shaker Cup mixed tomatoes – and when I poured the cheese sauce delicate. Pasta appeared on the table in 15 minutes. I generally don’t like pasta, but they were like noodles from my grandma – the perfect ribbon color dandelion. Caviar and burrata – suspicious Duo, but the chief managed to brachiate these two radically different tastes. It was very tasty, but I didn’t finish, asked with him. By the way, this was my provocation. In the “right” restaurants, takeaway food is usually not given, who knows how to take her home, and suddenly the dish is sour – guest poison?

Chef this time the restaurant was not, but the team worked deftly: young people, neat shape, clean kitchen, despite the rush hour.

Dressing room in “Casa Nori” small, I needed to go for the intended purpose only, in contrast to other Metropolitan restaurants, Selfies do not want. All there quality: and plumbing, and furnishings. Only the black towels steel grey from over washing. Long ago they were purchased.

Before you get the bill, measured the width of the chairs for guests. 45 cm – ideal size.

The school “Casa Nori” after this visit remains my favorite at the hem. Expert received 64 points from me, -67. And this is 131 points out of 150.

“Casa Nori” received from the presenter 2 snowdrop.

Recall, Andrea Nori – party listing of the 25 best chefs of Ukraine. Has experience in restaurants with Michelin stars, the most prestigious award for restaurateur. Before moving to Ukraine, she has worked in restaurants in Monaco, USA, Switzerland and Russia.


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The restaurant “Casa Nori”, Kyiv; 19.11.19; 20:20 I live in Podol, there are many restorans, Yak paciorek Bukovinsky visitants. Ale stink less gratuiti –zdeblick powernew scho mapout the concept of the kitchen one by one. Burgeri, PCA, mexikansk burto. Psout appetite I Patsyuk, that often Vitaut s chornie vychodu gendelev. The restaurant “Casa Nori” – Chi line meeting place for Podol, Yak mene Lastovo. The concept of the pledge of veneziasi kitchen, vyplakala on prescriptions Mami chef, Andrea Nor. I Dovray restaurants, that wakili not osvr from the zrad druzini olgaru, Chi bladesmen for private consumption, and sprain Kuhar. Andrea, the chef-patron “Casa Nori”, by the way, mayzhe always on robot. VI Yogo odrazu patite – high man s povolenou head. Then he portsa over bleed from vgcreate kitchen; the Yak pamucak, sidit sobi in the water at the table – something pichet. Tvorchi from Demba estimation. Mi s expert priïhali machine. Priporkovatsa Bulo smoothly, ale koronare restaurant znayshov us the meeting place. At the table ( and of bronovil in advance) we have not had, I’m so cold, scho without zaproshennya stenella gatherings. Then itsent us Patel, dozvoliv ssti for obrane the meeting place. People Bulo bagato. Was rozmawiali rsname movami, secrets of guests gowalia from the sounds of lounge music. Our table pewno MAV private to garnich style – Grebeniki, LCT ptatinum Creel not rozcesti. Ale Yogo cracki Boule pokazanie. Pasalo b defecti of Prakriti nestling blizno, I always maskou Nedeli oblichchya Tonalin cream… From “Casa Nori” chacalosa servirovane style from “fine dining” dwellers Bula bila skatertyu that in ryadochek beklagen pribori, HLA Tarlo, bottles for water, the glass of wine… In Tal there so roblet. TSE problem usih restoranu “visoko kitchen” in Ukraine – skatertnij Stoli skrivati not prinyato, Raptor GST of recupera something rozlapa… And praline when mortgages mi has not dozhilis. However, “Casa Nori” yourself for pafosny the restaurant is wide. TSE – Osteria genre aka not peredacha ostego servirovane the high servs. Identity Momo stol Bulo lachey nineone : polotan serwetki kawowego vdcu s embroidered monogram, svjetska flasks W colorouge folding, balzani Oset that Oliya. ⬇this

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Olga Freimut inspected this fine-dining restaurant, Nikolay Tishchenko and disappointed

TV presenter decided to return to the responsibilities of the auditor and announced it on his Instagram.

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