Olga Cybulski participation in the voice of the country : I Want to know if the affair between Tina with Dan

Оля Цибульская об участии в  Голос країни : Хочу узнать, есть ли роман у Тины с Даном

Olga Cybulski on participation in “the voice of the country”: I Want to know if the affair between Tina with Dan
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The singer explained why he decided to participate in the project

Often in the show “Golos Krainy” (the channel “1+1”) took part not only budding artists, but also famous artists. On Sunday, February 16, in the fifth live of the project we will see Olya Cybulski. On the eve of the release of the singer with the son of Nestor sang live in the Studio “Sedanka Z1+1” and told us why she decided to participate in the show.

– The whole of Ukraine is watching”voice of the country”, and I also watch for esters and believe in graduates of the project because often meet them at concerts, – says Olga.

The singer added that a big role in her decision to take part in the project was played by her son Nestor:

– It was a challenge, I believe that raising a child should not by words but by example. I was interested to try sakonkurso. When you’re in show business a long time, your videos rack up millions of views, at some point it seems that everything is OK, but you need to develop, to move on. Plus, I wanted to know, silipo really Tina with Dan, they really have an affair.

Olga added that specifically chose the song “it is. The this”, because it could come any participant, and so she”disguised”.

The actress also said, is her son music.

He’s still in search. Of course, he really likes music. With 3.5 years he plays the drums, goes to music school, and what profession you choose – view. I just will not put any pressure on him, says the singer backstage.

Summer in an interview to “KP” the singer admitted that wants to participate in the selection for “Eurovision”. According to Oli, this contest never for her was not “erotic fantasy”.


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