Oleg Vinnik told how he survived the death of mother

Олег Винник рассказал, как пережил смерть мамы

The artist came on the scene after learned that his mother died.

Recently, the Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik interrupted a European tour to give a concert of his native village. A two-hour speech in the Red corner Cherkasy held on the day of the birth of Anna jakovlevny mom’s singer. It was called evening in memory of the parents of Oleg, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

The actor recalled how, in 2018, came on the scene, only learned of the bitter loss, as he could not cancel the concert. Then he was attacked by haters at a loss how it was possible in this moment to sing.

“She would never I did not understand if I have suffered something, she so loved life. Mom said, “Oleg, any concert you don’t have to cancel and I do not want to get sick, go to the people,” recalls winnick.

It was not just gossip! The press also did not belong to the artist condescending. During the life of Anna Yakovlevna journalists produced a series of stories. Oleg’s mother found out on TV that the famous son of the it almost does not attend and does not help. And there was how to refute the lie. As was actually – you know the villagers.

“No, that’s not true. With his schedule so heavy, it is quite often, he comes to his family, nothing to say,” they say.

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