Oksana Marchenko called the six rules of perfect fasting day

Оксана Марченко назвала шесть правил идеального разгрузочного дня

Oksana Marchenko called the six rules of perfect fasting day
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The journalist told how easy it is to return to the previous weight.

TV presenter Oksana Marchenko shared rules that will help to get in shape after the Christmas feast. What are the methods to improve its status in the fasting days, the journalist told .

One of the reasons of excess weight is overeating on emotions, and most interesting is that psychologists believe that people who are “binding” your emotions, just don’t allow myself to experience them! The most important thing is to be honest with yourself, learn yourself to speak: “I am ashamed…”, “I feel angry…”, “I’m lonely” – said the star.

The first step to harmony is honesty. This immediately relieves tension and stress. You could admit to yourself that you do not want to show to others! Victory!

The second step is a stressful situation or unpleasant events. You never know what happened today! When eating, remember something very good, wonderful that you have or will! In the end, after a month you will not remember today’s “disappointment”.

The third step should be to stop dividing food into “good” or “bad” – it eliminates the guilt. Tell yourself just that now I “cake, bread, ice cream, candy,” do not want. I just don’t want later.

Fourth step – try not to be alone. When I was a student and the cafe had no money, I met with my friends in the Park, we stamped the kilometers for miles, discussing our little secrets and didn’t realize how spent hundreds of calories.

The fifth step is to find support in the face of the person with whom you’re happy. When we satisfied, we find their halves, friends, colleagues – those with whom we will be happy and will not settle for those who will be with us out of pity…

The sixth step (the main one, in my opinion) – fill your life with beauty. Psychologists say that the lack of beauty can cause illness. “People are aesthetically sensitive, experiencing the “ugly” surroundings, depression and discomfort… life in a bad environment is the pathogenic factor…”.

Do not neglect going to the gym. According to Marchenko, it is regular exercise will help to maintain the scheduled mode and to achieve this goal. The journalist herself has been in the gym five times a week and your results from time to time to share with subscribers in social networks.

Marchenko 46 years. She was married twice. With the first husband businessman Yury Korzh TV presenter signed in 1992. The couple broke up in the early 2000s. the ex-couple have a 22-year-old son Bogdan. Since 2003, Marchenko married opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk. The couple has 15-year-old daughter Daria.

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