Oksana Bayrak has posted a video of dancing with the star Nothing happens twice Natalie Starynkevich

Оксана Байрак опубликовала видео танцев со звездой  Ничто не случается дважды  Натали Старынкевич

Oksana Bayrak has posted a video of dancing with the star “Nothing happens twice” Natalie Starynkevich
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The actress, who played Aglaia Kalinin, and the Director showed off Batumi to Minsk.

Fans of “Nothing happens twice” looking forward to continue painting. Now the STB broadcast is a repeat of the first 16 episodes, it’s March 30 – new 8. In our recent interview, we asked Oksana Bayrak is a hint that she prepared for us:

– No! laughing said the Director. I can reveal the main intrigue? Then the intrigue will turn into a “burst the balloon”. What I can tell you about my excitement. Unreal. Honestly, very worried, addressing to the international experience of filming sequels of films-series. Never these proceedings were not as intriguing and successful as the beginning. Because each of us takes his movie in his head. And, maybe, the audience is waiting for something unusual: another explosion, detective podvyvertom, triplerock! But no! The following eight episodes “Nothing happens twice” – a drama explaining poznakomivshis unclear moments of the first 16 episodes.

Nevertheless, the series knows how to drum up interest for his film. From time to time the Director publishes a fun video from the set. And what could be more valuable off-screen moments!

Now it is the turn of 31-year-old actress Natalie Starynkevich, who played in the film Aglaia Kalinin.

Ahead continue “Nothing happens twice”, a couple of sketches. When Dmitry Mazurov (the actor played doctor Nikita Shumakov. – Ed.) and did not let in Ukraine, and we had to shoot three days, I said, lying, idiocy Bayrak will not break. And we were in a friendly in Minsk. Filmed all in one day, but still a piece that doesn’t have time to shoot in Batumi. Wake up and smile with me and the gorgeous Nathalie Maximovna, Starynkevich – offers Bayrak.

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