Ohovski was questioned by the police and met with the complainant

 Ohowski was questioned by the police and met with the complainant

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A third of a sexual harassment complaint against Galya Okhovsk was filed last night, the Channel 13 news website reported. Ohovski is expected to confront the complainant.

Gal Ohovsky arrived at the police station this morning, where he is scheduled to confront the complainant. Information about the third complaint was first published last night on the Channel 13 website.

“The latest publications have caused me deep pain and grief. This forced me to stop all my social activities. While it was never my intention to offend anyone, I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart to anyone who feels offended by me”.

evidence that Ohowski forced himself against the will of the men.

In response to the investigation, Ohowsky announced that he was leaving the Iggy Pride Youth Organization.

About five weeks ago, Ohowsky was questioned by the police and released after five hours of interrogation.

A little less than a month ago he went to the police for a meeting with the first complainant, where he denied in the confrontation what was attributed to him, and shortly thereafter the confrontation ended.< br />

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