Ohio investigates homeschooling network that teaches kids to love Hitler

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 Ohio investigates homeschool network that teaches kids to love Hitler< /p>

The Ohio Department of Education is investigating a homeschooling network that claims public schools are run by “Zionist scum”, teaches children to say “Sieg Heil”; in the classroom and encourages parents to keep their children away from “Jewish media content”.

The Telegram channel “Dissident Homeschool Network” over 2500 subscribers. This is a community of Nazi parents who share homeschool lesson plans, extolling the virtues of Hitler and white nationalism.

“We are interested in the child becoming a Nazi”,– said the founder of the Dissident Homeschool Network, known by the pseudonym “ms. Saxon". She was identified by the anti-Nazi group Anonymous Comrades Collective as Katja Lawrence, an immigrant from the Netherlands.

Launched in the fall of 2021, Lawrence's homeschooling project is explicitly labeled as a means for neo-Nazi parents to indoctrinate their children while keeping them out of public school. The group also facilitates face-to-face meetings between like-minded parents and children. On the channel, Katya Lawrence often boasts about the size and strength of her Nazi parents' movement: “There is a huge network of people like us.”

“In Ohio schools, including the homeschool community in our state , there is absolutely no room for hate-filled, divisive, and painful learning, — said Stephanie Siddens, interim superintendent of public instruction at the Ohio Department of Education. “I strongly and categorically condemn the racist, anti-Semitic, and fascist ideologies and materials being circulated.”

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, along with Rep. Bob Latta, issued statements condemning the group. However, Ohio officials say the state board of education has little control over homeschooling.
“Parents who choose to homeschool their child are responsible for choosing the curriculum and course of study”,– they think.

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