Office workers work during the quarantine, for longer: study

Офісні працівники працюють під час карантину довше: дослідження

Research the company So showed that after the transition to work from home via the quarantine office workers on average work 2 hours longer than the same job in the office.

It is noted that in the US, office employees have added an average of 3 hours, increasing work time by almost 40%. While in the European countries (the UK, France and Spain), as well as in Canada, the working day lasted on average 2 hours – many who starts work earlier than usual.


According to the company VPN, the earlier start of the workday may be associated with the absence of the need to get to the office.

“When the restrictions will be lifted, I think many companies will become much more loyal to work from home,” said an expert on digital privacy NordVPN Teams Daniel Markusson.

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