Offered drugs by SMS: the police arrested the suspect

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 Offered drugs via SMS: police arrested suspect

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Israeli police said the man allegedly responsible for sending thousands of SMS messages offering to buy cannabis was arrested on Monday. The device from which the mail was sent was confiscated.

The Jerusalem Post reports.

Last month, three men were arrested, suspected of involvement in this case. Despite the fact that the detainees did not cooperate with the investigation, the police managed to find the device and arrest the leader of the group.

The police statement said that the cyber department at Lahav 433 had conducted an undercover investigation over the past few months, ” ;during which investigators posed as people involved in sending hundreds of thousands of SMS messages offering the public to buy drugs.

Israelis are reported to receive spam messages offering to buy drugs every day. Some of these messages contain dangerous links through which scammers could gain access to the recipients' contacts.

The Ministry of Communications urges the public to ignore such messages and not click on such links.

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