Ofer Kasif: who died in Jerusalem – a victim of the occupation

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 Ofer Kasif: killed in Jerusalem - victim of occupation< /p>

Knesset member Ofer Kasif made a scandal at the Knesset plenum, mentioning a combined terrorist attack in Jerusalem, in which 16-year-old Arye Shchupak was killed and 26 people were injured.

Kasif said: “I want to express my sorrow for the ongoing bloodshed and express my condolences to all the victims of the occupation – both Jews and Palestinians.”

In response to his words, Knesset member Tali Gottlieb from the party Likud shouted: “They say that on the day of the terrorist attack, what is it? The victims of terrorism are citizens of the State of Israel.

MK Kasif continued: “Two 16-year-old boys were killed yesterday and today – Aryeh Shchupak, who was killed today, and Ahmad Shahad, who was killed yesterday.” . Shahada was shot during clashes in Nablus. According to the Palestinians, he did not take part in the skirmish with the troops.

“We want this bloodshed to end, and it will only end when the occupation ends,” Kasif added. In response, Likud Knesset member Boaz Bismuth also joined in the shouting, calling his words “a disgrace.” Gottlieb left the plenary meeting in anger.

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