Of the character, but not enough

Du caractère, mais pas assez

For their first tough game of the season, the Marquis de Jonquière have still shown the character in managing to force the extension at the very end of the third period, before a crowd announced 961 spectators at the Palais des sports. Despite their efforts, the Jonquiérois are, however, inclined 3-2 in a shootout against the Cool FM de Saint-Georges.

Must say that the visitors already had a end of the week and a game behind the tie as the Marquis. Their cohesion was also higher than that of the premises that have not had a workout last weekend.

After a first period without a goal, each of the two courses has had good scoring chances in a cage gaping in the beginning of the second, without success however. Finally it is the visitors who have had the best in favor of a digital advantage. Simon Demers, left alone to the right of Raphael Girard, has taken advantage of a great pass to Anthony Verret to allow the Beaucerons to take the lead.

With less than a second to do that, the Marquis believed to have been created equal, one of the officials who made the sign that the goal was good. Ultimately, the goal was denied and Saint-Georges has received a two minutes for delay of game.

From the beginning of the third, the Marquis redoubled zeal (11-2 for the Marquis in the shootings), and it has paid off as the rookie Mathieu Brisebois took advantage of a power play to thwart Adam Rousseau on pass to Alexandre Quesnel and Jonathan Diaby (first choice of the draft).

Unfortunately, with less than ten minutes to do, Guillio Scandella has diverted the disc behind Girard for giving back the advance to Beaucerons. While the dice seemed to be cast out, the Marquis took advantage of the withdrawal of their keeper to play them all in and it worked, Vincent Richer doing fly with 47 seconds remaining in the game.

The extension to 3 from 3 has given rise to the exciting game, Yannick Riendeau orchestrating a piece of game near-perfect in the company of Matthew Boudreau and Jonathan Diaby. The Cool was good close to scoring, but the puck bounced off the horizontal bar. In the barrage, only Scandella has managed to find the back of the net to provide the victory to his own.


In an interview after the match, head coach Benoit Gratton is estimated to have seen ” beautiful things “. “Honestly, I’m still happy with what I’ve seen, even in the first period. A player like Diaby, I think he had not played a match for two years. Same thing with Yan Riendeau, who has played a few games with us last year, but has played on one leg because he was injured. It is sure that we had no expectations of amazing, or that the cohesion was present, but all in all we are satisfied with the match, ” commented the driver of the Marquis, in a first step, adding that the rise in third boded well for the future.

Friday, Danick Paquette was not available, but will be in the lineup Saturday in Saint-Georges, as Gabryel Paquin. The goaltender Cédrick Desjardins will be in front of the net. By contrast, James Desmarais will be absent and Jean-Simon Allard was uncertain. Guillaume Rioux-Legault, who moved to Rivière-du-Loup last year, has made good impression, though he was invited. “We never have enough defenders in the team, and it is a nice luxury to have,” said Gratton.

He thinks that the team has made a nice impression for this first release ? “That was the goal. I think that at 2-1 we had beautiful chances to score. I think that one was a little too generous around the net and he would have had to be a little more aggressive to take shots, but I’m satisfied overall. “



• New in LNAH who is in search of sponsorship and visibility. Thus, there will be a ” pause media “, which will ensure that, during each period, there will be a mandatory break from the 10th minute of the game in order to allow the radio or tv to give visibility to their sponsors. Such a formula exists in the major junior and it is to be hoped that the LNAH will get at least a royalty on sponsorships. More details next week, says Denis Boisvert, head of communications of the LNAH…

• During the annual training course of the officials of the LNAH, the ex-coach of the Marquis, Claude Bouchard, gave a lecture on the attitudes and relationships between referees and coaches. The day ended with a session of skating with Michel Lamoureux, a technician in the carriage with which the arbitrators have to put into practice the positioning and the procedures to the game…

• Among the other new features of the league, it was pointed out that the officials of the LNAH will do their part in the match in pink 3 L of Rivière-du-Loup, wearing a shirt specially designed for this occasion…

With the new jerseys, a few of the Marquis resumed their old number. Thus, Jean-Sébastien Bérubé sported the #21, and Yannick Riendeau has taken over the #13. For other players, many of them had a different number from the one that was usually reserved…

• It may be a tough game, the supporters of the Marquis had addressed a few small words affectionate to public officials to express their displeasure about certain decisions..

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