Of emergency in the Kharkov metro: eloquent video surfaced, “the police did not intervene”

ЧП в метро Харькова: всплыло красноречивое видео, "полиция не вмешивается"

The passengers made a scene the staff of the Kharkov underground because of the conditions of travel

On 20 February in Kharkov metro turned real battles. A group of activists seized power checkpoint. Journalist Dmitry Brooke shared an eloquent video on his page in Facebook.

Recently the Kharkov Executive Committee raised the prices for journey in public transport. So the fare in trams and trolley buses has increased to 6 hryvnia, and the subway — to 8 hryvnia. However, the Kharkiv district administrative court has satisfied a petition filed by representatives of the Kharkiv anti-corruption center and members of the city Council Dmytro Bulakh and Igor Chernyak. He temporarily suspended the new tariffs in favor of the old.

ЧП в метро Харькова: всплыло красноречивое видео, "полиция не вмешивается"

According to local media, the metro was slow to obey a court order. They installed the machines the results getov the price 8 UAH, ignoring the court’s decision. Then the activists of the Kharkiv anti-corruption center has decided to personally oversee the execution of the judicial decision. They captured the leaves with the decision to cancel the existing tariffs for journey in public transport.

A group of citizens came to the metro station “University” and tried to pass on the train for five hryvnias. However, workers of KP “Kharkiv metro” refused to fulfill the court’s request, citing internal regulations. In the end, the activists seized the turnstiles, and started missing passengers at the old price. Anyone could leave five hryvnias to the indignant staff at the front Desk, then walk to the escalators.

The video that duty station very unhappy with how things are. But Kharkiv passengers to actively support the community. “I don’t want to pay the extra three hryvnia,” — said a middle-aged man on the remark of workers underground. He was supported by the woman who also demanded the passage of five hryvnia, referring to the court as the ultimate authority.

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ЧП в метро Харькова: всплыло красноречивое видео, "полиция не вмешивается"

The author of the video described the actions of law enforcement. Dmitry brook praised the police for enforcing the law, contrary to the opinion of the management of metro. They absolutely do not interfere in the actions of the activists:

“Respect and uvazhuha police metro. First, they confirm the passengers that the court’s decision is and the passengers are entitled to demand the fare for 8, 5 UAH. Secondly, when a certain “boss” article on the University tried to prevent me to remove the events, the police was on my side and confirmed that I, like any other passenger, have the full legal right to take pictures on the phone”.

At the same time, Dmitry shamed of subway employees. He noted that the girls plead ignorance of the situation in the city. The police said that the representatives of the subway prevented some journalists from filming the events. Therefore, members of the media went to write a statement on the fact of attempts by metro workers to stop their professional activity. Moreover, the police offered to take the reporter of the complaint directly to the station.

We will remind, unknown persons breaking into the apartments of Kharkov: “invented excuse”.

As reported Politeka, police organized drug trafficking in Kharkiv: “traded on the subway.”

Also Politeka wrote that the market is “late” angered passengers of the subway in Kharkiv.

Gepostet von Dmitriy Brook am Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2019

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