October 17: Festival “Knights of Israel – the Way of the Knight”

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 October 17: Festival

A 15-minute drive from Jerusalem towards the Dead Sea, there is an amazing place — The home of the Good Samaritan, filled with a history of humanity and hospitality since Christian times. On October 17, he will receive about 1,000 guests who will walk the “Way of the Knight” together. and go out to the Stadium to see the Great Duel of the Knights of the two countries –Israel and Ukraine!

 October 17: Festival

What awaits our guests on the difficult Path of the Knight? 12 fabulous stops!

The holiday starts from the first minute. At the first stop, guests are waiting for the performance of a professional Israeli circus — clowns and acrobats.

Our spectators will be able to try on the armor of a knight, look at his weapons, hold swords, crossbows, helmets and other items of ammunition, take pictures with historical heroes or put on a knight's costume at the second stop.
And already on the third and fourth, thanks to the instructors of the sports club “Sport le kol ehad” under the guidance of Master of martial arts Boris Borukhov, young guests will receive their first fencing and crossbow shooting lessons.

 October 17: Festival

Fifth stop — one of the largest Mosaic Museums in the world, which exhibits expositions from Jewish, Christian and Samaritan ancient settlements. Guests can enjoy guided tours of this unique place with our guides. And straight from the museum, they will fall into a fairy tale. The Magic Cave of the Chocolate Fairy with ice cream and hot chocolate, as well as a cinema hall with demonstrations of historical films will be the sixth stop. From there, our knights and warriors have a direct path to the seventh stop — Bald Mountain with a coven of witches and sorcerers.
And at the eighth stop, a kaleidoscope of singers, music groups and dance groups awaits guests. On it you can relax on comfortable benches in a cool shade after a long journey, listen and watch a wonderful concert in which the well-known Israeli band Adriatika takes part.

 October 17:

The ninth station shimmers with all colors. This — Fair. About 50 artisans and company representatives will present their various products: wood, ceramics, glass and beads; embroidery; original children's toys; Jewelry; dishes; paintings; scarves; Textile…

What Israeli doesn't love good food? Tenth stop – inn. Several companies will present their culinary delights to the participants of the Festival.

 October 17th: Festival

And at the eleventh stop, a real Bedouin tent awaits us. And viscous Arabic coffee. And eastern bliss. And the scents of the desert. And spicy spices. But our stops are as diverse as multicultural Israel itself. Leaving the Arab tent, you find yourself at tea with an Indian yogi.

And finally… Rally! Ending station. This year the knightly tournament will pleasantly surprise the audience with its diversity. Famous soldiers of Israel and winners of international competitions from Ukraine will perform there. Two areas of historical fencing will be presented – HMBA with its luxurious armor, brutal weapons and incredible entertainment, and HEMA with armor made of modern materials, allowing fighters to fully reveal the technique of fencing.

 October 17th:

In addition to thematic stops, our guests will find numerous entertainments and master classes for children and adults, a book fair, the splendor of historical costumes, an evening fire show and communication with living knights. The folk-rock band “Dismodium” will become a real decoration of the Holiday. with authentic musical compositions.

The festival consists of 2 identical capsules: 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00.

https://bit.ly/3Q4PlkC, you must choose one of the capsules: morning or afternoon.

On the day of the event at the checkout (only cash is accepted).

3 years free.

Waze: https://waze.com/ul/hsv9jh8596

Call for more information: 054-4336738

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