Octavio Ocaña’s sister and girlfriend denounce that a police officer stole a gold chain from the actor

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Octavio Ocaña’s sister and girlfriend denounce that a police officer stole a gold chain from the actor

MEXICO CITY (apro). – “This starving, murderer, robber, she kept a slave that my brother always wore,” accused Bertha Ocaña, one of the sisters of the late actor Octavio Ocaña, “Benito Rivers” in the television series “Neighbors”, after reporting that a female police officer stole a 14-karat gold chain.

“One more proof that they are pigs, murderers and we are going to reach the last consequences,” he said in his Instagram stories.

Instagram berthaocaa

Similarly, Nerea Godínez, who was his girlfriend, published the same image in her Instagram stories, about which she wrote:

“It wasn’t enough for them to kill him pigs! They stole everything they could. That chain was ours! I hope they rot in jail! ”He said, as a caption for a sequence of three images of the policewoman, when the slave is stored in the back pocket of her blue uniform.

In the first image you can see the police walking while looking at the chain with the message: “What a beautiful chain.”

In a second photograph, the same woman looks straight ahead, thoughtful, so she placed these words on it: “14K gold, what should I do?”

In the third, the woman is seen putting the chain in the back pocket of her blue uniform pants, with the sentence: “Merry Christmas, little things.”

Octavio Ocaña’s sister and girlfriend denounce that a police officer stole a gold chain from the actor

Instagram nerea.gogo

The weapon

Two images have also been shared on social networks as “proof” that the actor did not shoot himself after crashing because in one he did not have the weapon and in the other he did. With that, Internet users assured that they “planted” the gun.

The day before, the father of the late actor Octavio Ocaña, Octavio Pérez, confirmed that his son was armed the day he died of a gunshot to the head, after crashing his truck during a police chase, in Cuautitlán, Izcalli, State of Mexico.

“Honestly yes. I have to tell you too, yes. Yes, I accept it, the weapon belonged to him, “he said in an exclusive interview with the entertainment journalist, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, for his YouTube channel, when asked whether the weapon that Ocaña was carrying was his son’s.

“He never had a cut cartridge. Forbidden. He did not have access, ”he assured and blamed the municipal police for having killed him because, he affirmed, the bullet entered from behind Ocaña’s head and that“ the shot that entered him was not of that caliber -from his weapon-, it was 9 millimeters ”.

Pérez assured that the uniformed men “found it and put it there, as if it were from a drug dealer.”

When asked about the reason why his son was armed, the man replied: “I told you, I am telling you why. Due to the insecurity we live in and we had permission to carry from the Secretariat of National Defense ”.

When he asked if Octavio Ocaña, 22, also had permission, the man did not respond. He diverted the question to reiterate that his son was killed because the caliber of the shot was not from his weapon.

“My son was not going to shoot himself because I taught him to use weapons. He needn’t have done that. It was impossible”.

He warned that he will go after the 30 policemen who chased him because he did not stop when ordered. He justified his son for not stopping the march, since he himself had recommended that he not do it, because, otherwise, they were going to “fuck” him.

He said that he has a video that “a friend of the National Guard” gave him, from C5, the same one that has been published in the persecution networks, but that has no sound, but he has the satellite video, the one that was recorded in the federal highway and they were already shooting at him. “So, in due course, I will present it,” he said.

He assured that his son was alive after the crash and the policemen “just stared at him, amusingly.” Therefore, he feigned, “so amusingly I’m going to laugh at them. Now comes mine, Gustavo. So I tell you ”.

-Who killed him?

–The police, of course. The police, there is no other.

“There were 29. There is the name of the one who was in command there, of that persecution, and 29 and the idiot who was in command. Thirty. And they were already shooting at him. How is it possible if my son is not a delinquent? ”He asked.

“What did a flashy truck bring? I can buy what I want. That easy. I am free, right? He liked that one. What did the loud music bring? Well, we are also happy, we have to sing, cry and everything. It’s just that it’s impossible … Oh no, how could they not mistake him for a drug dealer because he didn’t want to stop. Forbidden to stop, I said ‘mi’jo do not stop because those are going to fuck you’. Obviously, how good that he listened to me, but look, he got to what he had to get. No way, “he said.

He pointed out that he does not believe the Mexican prosecutor’s office, because he said that a prosecutor spoke with his daughter and first told her that the alcohol test came out negative, just like Harrison’s test – to find out if someone used a firearm – negative .

“How are you going to shoot? And then they turn it over and my daughter says’ oh, what do you think? Always yes, it came out with the test. That’s why I brought it, they wanted to open the body 4 or 5 times. My son is no experiment. They are good assholes. My son does not have to be anyone’s experiment so that they are opening it all the time. That is why I came for him and brought him to my land. And he is already underground, but I am seeing him and he is seeing me.

“The case has already been closed here, good chingones. They are very assholes, so I tell them. I’m not going to stop until I see them all in jail or I don’t know how they are going to do it, “he said.

Likewise, Pérez rejected that his son smoked marijuana and “was not an alcoholic who took two days, because he had a responsibility” which was to take care of the company that he has in the State of Mexico, since he is responsible for the one in Tabasco.

“I am a businessman, and he was in Mexico taking care of my company there and I am in Tabasco receiving orders from him and that is how we talked daily.”

They spoke before the crash

His father commented that before his death they had spoken on the phone because his son asked permission to drink alcohol at a meal he was going to in Villa del Carbón, State of Mexico.

“He asked my permission, that he was going to leave … He always brought two bodyguards and, at that time he had a meal in Villa del Carbón and he went to Villa del Carbón, but he told me, he told me: ‘Now I can have one chela ‘and I said,’ Did you take the bodyguards? Because over there he’s a bastard. ‘ It was what I told him and he told me that he left them to his girlfriend and he went ahead with two friends of mine. And, at that moment, what happened happened ”, he commented.

Annoyed by the statements and expert opinions of the Mexican authorities, he denounced that his friend, one of his son’s companions, “was beaten, beaten so that he would blame himself, that he had shot” Octavio and until Monday “they released him”, despite the fact that, he acknowledged: “I got him a lawyer so that they would release him quickly.”

He continued: “Imagine that thing! He is going to go with me, he is going to accompany me because they are my people. You understand me? How is my friend going to shoot my son? It is very illogical. They are well screwed in the head, damn people, but I am going to get to the last, with their help or without the help of anyone, as a father, I want this to be clarified ”.

The version of the Prosecutor’s Office

On Monday, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico reported that Ocaña died after being accidentally hit by a bullet when his truck collided, after fleeing from police officers from Cuautitlán, Izcalli, State of Mexico, who were pursuing him.

He pointed out that, according to his expert opinions, the 22-year-old was driving drunk and had used marijuana.

The prosecution reported that it interviewed the two men who were traveling with Ocaña. Whoever was in the passenger seat declared that they had consumed intoxicating drinks, and when they were driving through the streets of that municipality, the municipal police officers stopped them, but the deceased decided to accelerate instead of stopping.

There began the persecution that extended to the Chamapa-Lechería highway. The witness indicated that when he saw that the police were after the truck, Ocaña took out a firearm from the glove compartment that he held in his right hand, while driving with his left to continue fleeing.

“During his escape, the driver lost control, came off the asphalt tape and hit the front right. At that time, and as a result of the dynamics of this accident, the driver presumably activated the firearm that he carried in his right hand, “said the prosecutor’s office.


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