Obvious lack of cohesion

Manque flagrant de cohésion

There has been no miracle for the first official match of the season, Marquis de Jonquière. Aligning several newcomers, the troop of Benoit Gratton did of course not have the cohesion to counter the Assurancia of Thetford. The Marquis, therefore, have fallen pavilion 6-2 in the centre Mario-Gosselin.

The Thetfordois have started the game in force, making it fly three times through Alexandre Giroux, Jean-Michel Daoust, digital advantage, and Gabriel Lemieux, with two minutes thirty to make the first twenty.

The Marquis have better started the second period by taking advantage of their first power play.

Gabriel Lévesque is able to defeat Jean-Philippe Levasseur on pass to Alexandre Quesnel and Jonathan Diaby.

However, two minutes later, Marc-Olivier Mimar beat Cédrick Desjardins to give a lead of three goals to the local.

At the end of the second, in spite of a dominion of Thetford in shots on goal (18 as opposed to five), the Marquis opened the door to the Assurancia scooping a penalty which allowed Thomas Beauregard to bring the gap to 5-1.

In the third, Desjardins, who faced 33 shots, was replaced by Raphaël Girard.

Taking advantage once again of a game of power, Assurancia has taken the lead 6-1 thanks to Alexandre Tremblay.

“Poor decision-making and execution have made all the difference. ”

Benoit Gratton

After a little bickering at the end of the meeting, including a punch sneaky Thomas Bellemare to the place of Danick Paquette, the Marquis took advantage of a numerical advantage.

Alexandre Quesnel was eventually outwit Levasseur with the help of Lévesque and Diaby to close the game at 6-2, even if on the website, we placed a third goal to Quesnel and the Marquis with a second to do.

Not surprised

The head coach of the Marquis, Benoit Gratton, was not really surprised by the defeat, even if the difference was higher than expected.

His troops include many new entrants, and the players have not had much game time together before the start of the season. It has therefore found a lack of cohesion. “Poor decision-making and execution have made the difference,” he says.

“The games outside the competition do not have the same intensity. (Tonight), the guys have really seen what will be the caliber in our league. We don’t panic. We expected this because many of our players have not practiced together and, in some cases, have not played for a long time. We are going to try to tighten up our game and refine our flutes for the next game (Saturday at Rivière-du-Loup). “

Fortunately, the first game does not make a season.

In the past year, the Marquis had lost 7-0 in the first game of the season at Thetford.

At the end of the season, Thetford has finished in 5th place, recalled the recruiter-in-chief, Lucien Paquette, in an interview with CKAJ.

To note that, despite its cut to the cheek, Paquette will be back in the game Saturday, Rivière-du-Loup. Similarly, Cédrick Desjardins will again be in front of the net.



• The toughness is manifested from the first official match of the season. Four battles have punctuated the meeting Jonquière-Thetford, Danick Malouin against Christophe Losier, Alex Quesnel against Jean-Michel Daoust and Jérémie Malouin against Alexandre Tremblay. At the end of the third, Thomas Bellemare has been chased with a code of aggressor. He rammed home a right sneaky to Danick Paquette who has nicked the cheek. Paquette has had a few stitches.

• Sorel-Tracy doubled Rivière-du-Loup 6-3. With each setback, the Marquis and the 3L, who will be competing Saturday in Rivière-du-Loup, will certainly a hard time to conclude the first weekend with a record of ,500.

• The name of the new captain of the Marquis will be unveiled next Friday, during the opening game.

• The Cool-FM de Saint-Georges traded the goaltender Mathieu Dugas to the BlackJacks of Berlin in return for the choice of 3rd round of Berlin and of the choice of 5th round of Saint-Georges traded at the last draft. Dugas had asked to be traded to a team where he would see more action and it was in position Friday in front of the net in Berlin.

• Saint-Georges won the opening game by winning 5-1 against the BlackJacks.

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