O.Pikul hid under the Lip Mask: “My late returns caused hesitation for the family” | Names

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O.Pikul hid under the Lip Mask: “My late returns caused hesitation for the family” | Names

“It was not difficult to hide that I was involved in the project from my family. They are used to my busy work schedule. While I will admit that those late returns to my tenth-eleven evening family caused some hesitation and questions where I stayed for so long. I was told that maybe I was overworking a bit. It was definitely a hesitation, but since I’m a workaholic, I just said it’s time now.

What’s more, imagine doing the costume priming in my salon because we couldn’t do it at home. And you won’t believe it! Nobody even noticed “, – Oksana Pikul-Jasaitienė laughed just after the end of the third show of the most unexpected project” Masks “.

This Sunday evening, LNK television viewers saw all ten impressive masks on stage for the first time. After the first five appearances, the commission sent Lips to all the men in the danger zone. After the remaining five performances, the cutest bunny named Masked went to the danger zone. A commission of six detectives this time decided to remove the Lip Mask. The commission unanimously guessed that Oksana Pikul-Jasaitienė was hiding behind her and was right, according to the press release.

Last year, her husband, the famous basketball player Simas Jasaitis, was hiding under the Banana suit. It’s no surprise, then, that Oksana herself also wanted to try what it means to hide under a mask.

“When I was called and offered to participate, I immediately said, yes! My whole family, friends, acquaintances – everyone was just sticking to the TV screens last year and watching this show. Therefore, after my husband’s participation, I quietly dreamed that I, too, would like to climb on such a big stage. And I’m lucky, “the famous woman did not hide her joy.

According to Oksana Pikul-Jasaitienė, when she first saw her mask, she was overwhelmed by double feelings. On the one hand, the 17-year-old woman working as a make-up artist and running her own business rejoiced because the Lip Mask is close to her heart and very connected to her daily work. The woman, on the other hand, thought it might put her foot down and it would be very easy for the commissioners to figure out what was hiding under the Lip Mask.

“I received so many messages after the first show. Friends, acquaintances, clients, family members – everyone wrote and asked if I was not hiding under this mask. I was silent like land because the rules of the project are very strict and nothing can be revealed to anyone. Therefore, today I am very happy that in the end I will be able to tell everyone that yes, I was under my lips! ”- the woman smiles.

“Besides, I’m very happy that the man is gone now and hasn’t seen the show. Because if he had seen how involved I was watching the show, he would have really guessed that under one of the masks I could hide myself. Because to see me clinging to the TV screen at home is almost impossible. I either work or deal with the child. Rarely can I afford to get involved and just watch TV, ”says Oksana.

And he adds that the mother, when she saw her daughter, applauded and said she immediately guessed that Oksana was hiding under a lip mask: “After all, mothers know their child best. Not only that, my mom and I are very close. Therefore, I didn’t even doubt that she would immediately guess that I was hiding there. “

“We are constantly running, flying, so such projects are just vital, they provide so many good emotions that we often lack. I would still be happy to stay under the next ten masks and have fun with all my heart. I really bow my head in front of all the staff who work on the project. Everything happens so secretly and so professionally. The whole staff is awesome.

I had fun interacting with the people who were transporting, secretly wearing masks, wearing costumes with hoods, and hiding from other staff and participants. I enjoyed when the musician put me on the microphone, and I laughed while getting ready with the stylist. My impressions are only the best, I would like to return to such projects again and again, ”Oksana Pikul-Jasaitienė had a hard time suppressing good emotions. And for the rest of the participants, Oksana wishes you strength and a good time.

Next Sunday at 7.30pm. through LNK it will become clear which mask of another participant will be removed and the true identity will be revealed.


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