NYPD: Two men arrested for threatening Jewish community

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 NYPD: Two men arrested for threatening Jewish community< /p>

Commissioner Sewell said that the Joint Police Department/FBI Anti-Terrorism Team detected the threat on Friday and “quickly began gathering information, identifying those behind it, and quickly neutralized them.” ability to cause harm.

An alert was issued Friday night in which police identified a man who had threatened synagogues in the New York area. This is Christopher Brown, suffering from mental illness and recently expressed a desire to come to New York to buy weapons. The identity of the second suspect has not been identified.

Commissioner Sewell said the two were arrested by the Transportation Authority as they were entering Pennsylvania Station. A search was conducted and a large hunting knife, a Glock pistol and 30 rounds of ammunition were seized.

Mitchell D. Silber, executive director of the Public Safety Initiative, said his organization detected the threat on Twitter around 10 a.m. . He then alerted police and the FBI to tweets hinting at an attack that was to take place at an unidentified synagogue around 10:00 pm on Friday. said Silber.

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