Nutritionists told me how to fight constant sugar cravings

Диетологи рассказали, как побороть постоянную тягу к сладкому

If the sight of the cake, you begin to stand out drool, and you always have the answer to the question “what’s for tea?”, then this article is for you.

After all, any exercise and diet will not be effective if your diet occupy an important place biscuits and cakes, according to the with reference to

If you can’t do without the sweet, eat it before 9 am

Let’s start with the good. Scientists from the University Saracuse in new York in the course of research found that in the morning sweets, and especially chocolate, is not only not harmful, but also useful. Early morning is the time of day when your body turns food into energy. Later, when you eat, your body and brain are still in the regime of high combat readiness, saving energy from food as fat reserve. So treat yourself to a piece of chocolate for Breakfast – and it will only benefit your body and your brain.

Get rid of sweet home

What could be the diet if you constantly looms vase with chocolates or marshmallows. And one candy imperceptibly turns into five. But the absence of temptation will surely do you good. After all, even the most ardent sweet tooth is unlikely to go at night in the shop, if you do not find the chocolates at home.

Enter the new rules at work

According to the researches, drinking tea with a friend at work adds a person an average of about two pounds in a year. Tell us about your colleagues and try to introduce new rules: walk instead of tea. Well, if it is difficult to immediately abandon this ritual, then replace sweet dried fruits, for example.

Reduce salt intake

It is not surprising, but this is a very effective Council. Our bodies always strive for balance, so the excess salt he will want to offset the sweet. You can even follow along: after a salty dinner, you will have thoughts of dessert.

The doctors tell her who it is especially useful to eat eggplant

More positive emotions

Try to stop mood and food, particularly sweet. We know how to control “emotional overeating” is almost impossible, so we advise you to prevent stress or bad mood to come up with a plan B. Remember what gives you pleasure and allows you to escape: walk, meeting with friends, a massage or even shopping. Try everything that will distract you from thinking about the cake.

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