Nutritionists told me how not to break while on a diet

Дієтологи розповіли, як не зірватися під час дієти

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Why home storage of harmful products from the refrigerator is better to throw, and instead it is necessary that the house was always cooked healthy food?

Domestic stocks. If at the beginning of the play on the wall hangs a gun, then (by the end of the play) it should shoot, and with harmful food. If the freezer is half a carton of ice cream or in a cupboard is a packet of biscuits, it will be eaten! Ruthlessly remove all the harmful and if you want, you will have to make an effort and go to the nearest store.

An empty refrigerator. If the home is nothing but the preparation can take an hour, then it is likely to have dinner in the nearest fast food. Try to you have always been of the workpiece or the products from which you can cook dinner in 15 minutes.

Restaurant. If you’re hungry, and the meeting will be long, do not limit yourself to a light salad. Satiety does not occur, and by the end of the night you’ll break for dessert. Much better to choose your main meat / fish dish and a dessert.

Дієтологи розповіли, як не зірватися під час дієти

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