Nutritionists told how to lose weight after 50 years without harm to health

Диетологи рассказали, как похудеть после 50 лет без вреда для здоровья

Nutritionists to shreds criticized the idea of American scientists on a new method of losing weight.

Earlier, American scientists told, how to lose weight after 50 years. In particular, it was to reduce the volume of the abdomen, reports the with reference on Voice.

Nutritionist Lyudmila Denisenko, a member of the Russian national society of dietitians does not agree with the method of weight loss American counterparts. Previously, experts from the American geriatric Association, said that the best way to lose weight in the abdomen will help of interval training. But Denisenko believes that it is not so.

Age weight loss is in the first place, the restoration of vitamin D levels, omega-3 acids, hormonal balance in the body. A normal diet is the key to weight loss, and interval training is generally somewhere in the backyard. In addition, they are harmful.

Interval training many people generally contraindicated, especially after 50 years, says the nutritionist. They will only aggravate the situation. First, with a bouquet of chronic diseases of blood vessels, deficiency of the aforementioned substances to lose weight with the help of sports will be impossible. Moreover, the metabolism will slow even more because of the stress hormone cortisol, which will certainly develop if a person starts to engage.

The doctor summed up: no power adjustments, for example, reducing sugars in the diet, about the sport for weight loss after 50 years is nothing to think about.

It became known as rejuvenate the décolleté and neck

By the way, commented on the opening of the American scientists and former chief sanitary doctor Dmitry Onishchenko. He was advised to do as much sport as the heart allows, and to live barely from hand to mouth.

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