Nutritionists said that the number of calories has nothing to do with successful weight loss

The number of calories has nothing to do with successful weight loss, say nutritionists

Many people want to know how many calories you consume. For convenience, created numerous websites and applications that also know how to calculate consumption rates based on data on age, sex, height, weight and activity level.

However, experts argue that it makes no sense so carefully calculated.

According to numerous studies it is known that the number of calories has nothing to do with successful weight loss. Most importantly the quality of what you consume. The correct solution would be to remove processed foods, added sugar, white bread, and add in the diet more vegetables, fruits and fiber.

It also makes no sense to follow complicated diets or daily exercise. If the plate is dominated by vegetables, wholegrain products and meat/fish cooked without liters of oil, it can be a year to lose 6-7 kg, and nothing, and without reducing portions. Also, lower levels of sugar and pressure.

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Experts recommend eating whole grains, eggs, avocados, fish, olive oil, tomatoes, herbs and bananas. Fruits and vegetables for nutrients, and whole grains provide energy and dietary fiber, proteins for your muscles, dairy products for calcium, healthy fats for many body functions, including healthy heart and brain.

We will add, earlier researchers found that weight loss increases the risk of death in older women.

The desire to be in a good form is not the exclusive domain of young and Mature women, but also representatives of the older generation. Probably many are familiar with the situation when the grandmother whole holiday season hard digging the beds, and then lost count after active pounds, and, slipping a plate of pancakes beloved grandchildren, said that not eating after six, to fit into a dress for the anniversary. Only here the desire to weight loss at this age can play a very cruel joke.

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