Nutritionists have listed the habits that complicate weight loss

Диетологи перечислили привычки, усложняющие похудение

Everyday actions can prevent to lose weight.

It often happens that sitting on a diet, and the weight of what was, such and remains. Are you trying to search for the reason of bad heredity, constant stress, and it is completely different, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

1. Bread

Somehow among our population is made all the bread: meat, fish, and salads, and of course, entrees. Of course, bread is the staff of life, but also a large amount of carbohydrates. It’s one thing if you like this product, and quite another when you eat it, more out of habit that you have formed parents in childhood.

2. The abuse of snacking

The tea party — well, if you don’t abuse cookies, and candy. Because excess sugar is directly connected with increase of weight.

3. Gadgets and food

Experts from America found that people who consume food while simultaneously viewing information or movie in the phone, just “forget” about what they ate or not. It deprives us of the feeling of fullness, and, as a result of repeated ingestion over a short period of time and added weight.

4. Sleep disturbance

Statistics show that not enough sleep people trying to restore lost in the result of insomnia energy by taking large quantities of food, which in the result affects the figure.

5. Forbidden food

Remember how in the childhood, our parents rewarded us with delicious candy or cookies for eaten the soup? This habit, many stayed for life. Chocolates and various sweets are something that’s unattainable. So we tend to eat sweet store.

A list of morning habits that help to lose weight

The ability to enjoy any food, will make your life brighter. Believe me, sweetness is not a limit of dreams. And if instead of the soup I wanted to eat just a salad — wonderful. After all, your body knows best what he needs at the moment.

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