Nutritionists have found that to completely abandon the sweet impossible

Диетологи обнаружили, что полностью отказываться от сладкого нельзя

Ekaterina Tolstikova, the popular Ukrainian nutritionist, told, why considers chocolate is good

This was the Catherine he wrote in his Instagram, reports Clutch.

“Are you still listening to another of the myths about nutrition?! And I eat dark chocolate for Breakfast, and get super bonuses for the body:

cells thankful for insulin sensitivity;

increases antioxidant activity;

protection from excessive UV reducing calcifications in the blood vessels and the prevention of disease CCC;

Диетологи обнаружили, что полностью отказываться от сладкого нельзя

the lowering levels of “bad cholesterol”;

an additional source of fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, zinc, selenium and phosphorus;

saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids caffeine and theobromine to improve short-term brain activity;

And generally it is delicious! You can! Need! But if you are still afraid there is something believe that the gluten die, and “lactose intolerance” sentence, and that sweet fat live in their own world of limitations and psychological pain,” — says nutritionist.

Previously, scientists from the United States named a number of products from which you can really lose weight. Many products are attributed with the ability to actively contribute to the fat burning process in the body.

But do they help to lose weight? Specialists from the Academy of nutrition and dietetics, USA, are convinced that the use of some products in reality allows you to say “good-bye! “Excess weight.

Experts recommend that for regular use of four products that can be used as a separate snack for those who want to become slimmer for the beach season. Assuming this is so, and if consumption of sufficient fruits and vegetables — the weight will start to leave, convinced nutritionists.

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Диетологи обнаружили, что полностью отказываться от сладкого нельзя

According to doctors, the effectiveness of the products that entered the top, supported by scientific research and observations in the field. Dieters eat dark chocolate, nuts, apples, eggs. of them

Dark chocolate helps in a result to eat less calories per day (while milk chocolate or white, on the contrary, they increase)

Recall that high-protein liquid diet doctor Nazarana helps to reduce the size of the stretched stomach and get rid of body fat, while maintaining muscle mass.

As he wrote Politeka, there was a diet that not only helps once and for all to lose weight but also flush out the toxins.

Also Politeka reported that diet before lunch lately becoming more popular.

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