Nutritionists have figured out how to save people from diabetes

Диетологи придумали, как избавить людей от диабета

British nutritionists have developed a special diet that will allow you to deliver people from type II diabetes

In the fight with diabetes of the second type, the national health service of England is going to appoint a special low-calorie diet of 5,000 patients suffering with this disease. The essence of the experiment lies in the fact that under the supervision of physicians, patients will have to consume up to 800 calories per day in the form of soups and smoothies for three months.

Диетологи придумали, как избавить людей от диабета

Last year when this type of low calorie diet was first tested in English by nutritionists to combat type II diabetes, 46% of the 298 participants entered remission. In an average three months, patients lost about 10-15 kg, significantly reduced the risk of developing the disease.

Now NHS England has announced the extension of the program of prophylaxis of type II diabetes. With the help of a low calorie diet for years, doctors plans to help about 200,000 people to overcome the disease.

Type II diabetes occurs when cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, become incapable of producing it in sufficient quantities or when produced insulin is not perceived by the body. Symptoms may include excessive thirst, frequent urination, fatigue and irritability.

Diet developed by dieticians from NHS England, helps you to lose fat is formed around the pancreas, controlling blood sugar level, causes stress in beta cells. Low calorie diet helps to resume the normal functioning of the body, so he could produce enough of the hormone insulin.

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Диетологи придумали, как избавить людей от диабета

Nutritionists believe that designed diet has the potential to improve the quality of life of people diagnosed with type II diabetes. According to them, weight loss 10-15 kg is enough to overcome the disease.

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