Nutritionists have considered as useful alternatives to the popular products

Диетологи назвали полезные альтернативы популярным продуктам

What to eat for a flat stomach.

Morning Americano instead of a latte, rye bread instead of white, and cinnamon instead of sweeteners — these are just a small part of those simple one-offs that will help to achieve figures dream. Parse the advice of British doctors, nutritionists, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

Mixed vegetables instead of white rice. If you already swept white bread for rye, the next step on the path to ideal figure – periodically choose a side dish of broccoli or cauliflower instead of the usual white rice. Boiled rice contains 218 calories per serving, while cauliflower is only 25. Such a compromise should not be boring, so feel free to add a vegetable side dish any usual spices. All carbohydrates are converted into sugar, which stimulates the production of the hormone insulin, which, in turn, promotes the deposition of fat. If you follow the figure, periodically it is necessary to move to a low carb diet. Thus, you will greatly lower the production of insulin and get a flat stomach.

Italian pizza is pizza with filler. Yes, you can eat pizza and keep a flat stomach. Italian pizza dough less, and, therefore, fewer calories than other types of pizza. Each slice of pizza with a filler contains 50-70 calories more. But even choosing the “diet” version, it is better not to eat all the food alone. The average pizza contains 1000-1500 calories, and the pizza bigger, this figure can reach up to 3000!

Olive oil and lemon instead of salad dressing. Another life hack from the British dietitians — to abandon the usual fat salad dressings in favor of lemon juice and olive oil: “Cheese or cream filling the dish add up to 250 calories, instantly turning healthy food into harmful. Tucking the salad a tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice Spryskova, you reduce the amount of those calories at least in half. Thus you eliminate from your diet bad fats, sugar, salt, additives and extra calories that spoil your figure”.

Cinnamon instead of sugar and artificial sweeteners. If you have a sweet tooth, add to desserts cinnamon. Sweeteners stimulate our receptors in the same as regular sugar. This leads to excessive production of insulin and blood sugar spikes. Cinnamon will help to curb your sweet tooth and boost metabolism.

Bitter chocolate oatmeal cookies. London nutritionist Shona Wilkinson argues that the transition from oatmeal cookies to three squares of quality dark chocolate will make you significantly slimmer. “Instead of having to knead oatmeal cookies, drinking his afternoon tea and absorbing a lot of unnecessary calories, satisfy your need for sugar three squares of good dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content. This amount of chocolate contains a relatively small amount of sugar. In addition, scientists have proved that dark chocolate is good for health. Alternatively, you can use plain yogurt without sugar, adding a teaspoon of cocoa.”

Cabbage instead of bread. Instead of making a sandwich out of bread, try placing your favorite ingredients into a leaf of red cabbage. According to another nutritionist Lily Sutter, “such a Cup of red cabbage is easy to take with you, also, they are full of antioxidants. And each of your “sandwich” will contain 200 calories less than before. Wheat contains a lot of gluten. In addition, in the bread many polysaccharides are fructans. Intestinal bacteria can break down fructans, which also leads to gas formation”.

Rye bread instead of wheat. Can’t give up bread? Then buy digital (and preferably yeast-free) instead of the usual loaf. Unlike white bread, it contains fewer calories and longer to maintain a sense of satiety. In addition, in rye scones more fiber.

Fresh fruit instead of dried fruit. Dried fruit often referred to a healthy diet which should prefer harmful snacks and snacking. But, according to nutritionists, it is much healthier to eat fresh fruit if possible. “Dried fruits are very high sugar content that has accumulated in them during the drying. As a variant try to eat fresh fruits. You quickly feel full and will eat less. Watermelon, strawberry and grapefruit is 90% water and are perfect as a snack”.

These products can spoil the mood

Americano instead of a latte. In some latte contains about 200-290 calories. Adding to the us quite a bit of milk, you rapidly increase its nutritional value, the taste is almost unchanged. In addition, milk can negatively affect those who suffer from flatulence, exacerbating this process. Living in our colon bacteria break down lactose, which leads to excessive gas. One only this compromise can help you once and for all to secure a flat, tight stomach.

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