Nutritionists have called the ways to help reduce your appetite

Диетологи назвали способы, которые помогут уменьшить аппетит

The appetite may occur both in physiological and psychological reasons.

What to do if you want to reduce the need for food? Read our article about ways that will help decrease appetite, reports the with reference to

Method 1: brush your teeth

As a rule, brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth refreshing liquid will help to decrease your appetite. This is because then any piece of food will seem unpleasant to the taste.

Method 2: drink water or tea

Using warm water or herbal tea can significantly reduce the appetite. Do it during the day, but do not replace such drinks complete the meal.

Method 3: exercise

Performing aerobic or strength exercises will help to reduce appetite. However, be careful — there is a possibility of compensation of energy loss due to the subsequent meal.

Method 4: coffee

A SIP of coffee can help in reducing appetite. But this method works not for all.

Method 5: disgust

It is necessary to cause disgust. For this you can look at some nasty pictures, or videos to distract from thoughts about food. And you can do something disgusting, for example, to clean the toilet or drain.

Method 6: the smell of spoiled food.

Smells something unpleasant can reduce appetite. This can be the aroma from the trash, spoiled food, or even unpleasant to your touch Cologne.

Way 7: eat soup

Bulky but low-calorie foods will help to decrease your appetite. Ideally in such a situation suited the soup. A big part of this dish — the water that will fill the stomach and give the appearance of fullness. But be careful: you may want the second and a dessert.

Method 8: the dream

This does not mean that every time you wanted to eat, go to sleep. Just need to get some sleep. Because of insufficient amount of sleep may reduce the level leptina the body. And this, in turn, causes the appetite.

Method 9: no sweets

No need to include in your diet a lot of sweets and sugar. After all, that is what causes obesity and ensures a sharp spike in blood sugar. Accordingly, the appetite grows with greater force.

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Method 10: dietary fiber

This is one of the most effective ways to reduce appetite. Dietary fiber is saturated for a long time, so, and hunger you will not feel very long.

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