Nutritionists have called the main mistakes during fasting

Дієтологи назвали основні помилки під час дотримання посту

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Stick with advent – does not mean go to the potatoes and pasta. The diet should be balanced and regular, it is impossible to abuse fast carbs.

Nutritionists have called the most common errors and shared tips on how to eat right in the post from the point of view of health benefits.

The lack of meat and other animal foods in winter diet may increase the feeling of hunger. “Carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables) saturate worse than protein combined with fatty products: dairy, cheese, eggs. Therefore, the person often wants to eat. And she starts every 1.5 hours to eat: the cookie, then dried. The calorie content is huge. Insulin jumps constantly. That is, any positive effect no” – they said.

At each meal be sure to add something warm and vegetable fats, it will help the body to get enough. “This can be avocado, sunflower seeds, coconut oil. For example, to baked Apple with pumpkin, you can add coconut flakes. In the diet should be exclusively carbohydrates”, – recommended by nutritionists.

Дієтологи назвали основні помилки під час дотримання посту

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