Nutritionists have called the habit, is able to prevent obesity

Диетологи назвали привычку, способную предотвратить ожирение

Blocking the weight gain.

More than 37% people live with obesity. People who are prone to excessive weight gain up to 1 kilogram per year. In particular, experts have identified the peak of the so-called “holiday obesity.” So, in may and January adult Russians gain of 0.4-1.5 kg. Nutritionists have found a way to prevent this trend, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

As it turned out, daily weigh to prevent obesity. Scientists from the University of Georgia proved it experimentally. For the study, we selected 111 adults, aged 65 years.

The first group of patients proposed to control body weight, forget about the scale weighing several times a day, and the second continued to live according to the usual routine. In parallel, participants were asked to maintain their initial weight — without giving any recommendations.

Three months were summed up the results of the study. So, people, control your weight, not gained extra pounds, and in some cases even lost weight. The participants who have not weighed, I gained weight.

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According to the author of the study, Michelle Vandellen, this is due to the sensitivity to the divergence between reality and desired way. Every day people saw their obesity progresses, what motivated them to find the best diet and exercise.

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