Nutritionists have called another way to remove fat from belly

Диетологи назвали еще один способ убрать жир с живота

How to become slimmer.

Named a highly effective way to say goodbye to such unpleasant phenomena as the belly fat, reports the with reference to Ocportal.

Scientists from the American geriatric Association called the most effective way to get rid of excessive fat on the abdomen. According to them, the best effect can be achieved with interval training.

In total, the experiment involved 72 people at the age of about 70 years.

They were divided into two groups, one of which is within ten weeks has been on the program of interval training.

Subjects were asked to perform simple exercises for 18 minutes (including rest periods) three times a day, gradually the duration of the sessions was increased to 36 minutes.

The second group was habitual way of life. In the end, the participants from the first group had reduced body fat on the abdomen by a third, and have increased in muscle mass due to physical inactivity

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It is noted that the maximum efficiency of such trainings was noted among men.

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