Nutritionists have called a perfect and useful products for late dinner

Дієтологи назвали ідеальні та корисні продукти для пізньої вечері

Dinner should be not only tasty, but also useful

People who lose weight, try not to eat after 6pm, but such restraint increases the hunger before bed, which negatively affects the night’s rest. Nutritionists have called the seven products that are perfect for those who prefer late dinners.

So, what should be added to the evening diet?

Corn. Steamed in natural corn are Packed with fiber and ideal for regulation of high level of cholesterol and prevents the accumulation of fat. If the day you ate too much high calorie food, this product for dinner the best option, said the nutritionists in the publication of the magazine Freundin.

Дієтологи назвали ідеальні та корисні продукти для пізньої вечері

Corn is not only delicious, but also useful

Nectarines. Rich in potassium, have a stimulatory for the digestion effect. A high percentage of fiber in the fruit accelerates metabolism, helps intense burn fat. Snacking product can safely, even those who largely refuses itself, because nectarines are low in calories.

Celery. It refers to foods that contain so-called “negative calories”. Celery gives the body about ten calories, and it requires two to digest.

Дієтологи назвали ідеальні та корисні продукти для пізньої вечері

Celery contains almost no calories

Mushrooms. The product has almost no fat, very few calories, but many nutrients that support an active metabolic processes – ideal for food after 6 PM. Most importantly, do not fry them in oil, experts say.

Kiwi. One of the best fruit for those who lose weight. The kiwis plenty of water, fiber and organic acids – the composition provides satiety, protects against exacerbations of appetite, balances the salt and water balance.

Beet. Baked or raw, it effectively regulates metabolism and prevents obesity. Improves digestion of protein, thereby increasing muscle mass. Delivers antioxidant effect that prevents the formation of new fat cells.

Дієтологи назвали ідеальні та корисні продукти для пізньої вечері

Beetroot could be a perfect side dish

Cod. 35 percent of the product is protein – the perfect food ingredient for food after 6 PM. Cod also contains vitamins A, E, C, Biotin, the beauty vitamin, as well as many minerals. Due to this the immune system, normalize the functions of many organs.

Take care of yourself and your health, but also do not forget about a balanced diet!

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