Nutritionists explained that oatmeal prevents weight loss

Диетологи объяснили, когда овсянка мешает похудению

Sometimes drinking diet foods leads to weight gain.

First, the oatmeal should not be eaten with sugar. Also will not help to lose weight packaged flavored oatmeal, which contain chemicals, emulsifiers and additional fillers, according to the with reference to

“No matter what sugar you choose brown or white, excessive consumption of sugar is never a good idea. Adding too many sweeteners can quickly increase the sugar level in the blood. If you want sweet, add to oatmeal with fresh fruit and cinnamon,” says the nutritionist.

According to nutritionists, some packages of oatmeal contain 14 grams of sugar and artificial colors. Instead, it is better not to buy flavored cereal and add toppings yourself.

Oatmeal prevents to lose weight, if people eat a lot of it. Breakfast is not recommended to use large portions of any food. This can cause discomfort and lead to weight gain. Nutritionists suggest to eat about half a Cup of oatmeal to avoid the consequences of overeating. Also worth eating in a small plate and add fewer toppings.

“Your bowl of oatmeal filled with toppings? If so, this can sabotage your weight loss process. Even though you have added all useful products, such as almonds, raisins, fresh fruit, to overdo it with this can be increasing your overall calories. Adding toppings to oatmeal, do not go to extremes and follow a rate of 150 calories. Add very little filling, just enough to add flavor”, say nutritionists.

Another mistake people make when they eat the oatmeal with the wrong toppings. Oatmeal is healthy, but it should not be used as grounds for adding chocolate bars or pints of caramel. Then you not only lose weight but also harm your body.

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The selection of the right kind of filling necessary to maintain yourself fit and healthy. It is better to add in your favorite cereal a handful of almonds or fresh fruit and a little cinnamon. Instead of chocolate and chocolate chips, it is better to go for cocoa powder made from cocoa beans and representing the pure form of chocolate.

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