Nutritionists explained how coffee affects metabolism

Диетологи объяснили, как кофе влияет на метаболизм

The researchers concluded that coffee affects the levels of metabolites 115.

Coffee affects the metabolism much stronger than previously thought. About it the head of a group of researchers from northwestern University Marilyn Cornelis, writes the with reference to

“We found absolutely new ways of the impact of coffee on human health,” says Marilyn Cornelis.

The results describe a number of chain changes that occur in several important body systems. These changes can have both positive and negative effects.

It turned out that coffee, the most common drug that affects a greater number of metabolites in the blood, than was thought earlier. The study involved 47 subjects. They refused from drinking coffee for one month and then began to drink four cups of coffee for another 30 days. Further, they increased their coffee consumption by half, that is up to eight cups.

During the whole process of research, the scientists took the subjects blood samples to analyze changes in the biochemical parameters. The researchers concluded that coffee affects the levels of metabolites 115. 82 of these substances has been known to scientists and were associated with 33 of metabolic processes.

“Increased coffee consumption over a period of two months, likely leads to stress, which leads to the reduction of metabolites in the system, says Cornelis. — It is possible that we are talking about the adaptation of the organism to the usual level of stress.”

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