Nutritionist debunked the main myth about coffee

Диетолог развенчала главный миф о кофе

The doctor pointed to a serious mistake coffee lovers.

Ukrainian nutritionist Tatiana fialkova claims that a large number of drinking coffee will not help cheer up. The caffeine in two cups of espresso, about 1/2 block receptors in the brain, writes the with reference on Voice.

This can cause anxiety, irritability, nervous inadequate, misleading media.

Besides, the expert added that the acceptable dose of caffeine is 75 mg (the standard Cup of espresso). Caffeine is one of the portions is completely eliminated from the body after 5-10 hours. Although the duration of excretion depends on adequate water consumption and good operation of the liver and kidneys.

“If coffee can’t cheer up, it’s time to restore the sleep, rest, activity and nutrition”,- said the expert.

According to Violet, much also depends on the particular organism.

The doctors called the symptoms of gallstones

“Some people have the liver quickly breaks down caffeine and invigorating effect disappears after a few hours, others a weak liver breaks down caffeine, and it can circulate in the blood up to 8-10 hours. That is why such people have a disturbed sleep if coffee was drunk after 14:00,” explained the doctor.

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