“Numbers with which they do not live and do not survive”: Domnina spoke about Kostomarov

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The wife of Roman Kostomarov decided to break the silence. For more than a month now, her husband has been in the hospital, and the whole country is worried about his health. Doctors are doing everything possible to stop a severe illness that affects the entire body at once.

The champion is still on a ventilator, but he has developed gangrene. Doctors were forced to amputate one of Roman's feet and part of the second, as well as a few more fingers.

Oksana Domnina goes to the hospital to her husband every day to support him morally. But she did not want to give any comments and share her pain until that moment.

Tired of conjectures and guesswork, she decided to tell that at the moment when Roman had pneumonia, he was already suffering from pain in hand— He took anti-inflammatory and painkillers.

The champion didn't feel bad, but he didn't pay attention to a slight cough.

“I don’t think this is something abnormal, we athletes are always working, even if we have a fever— while there is strength», — Oksana Domnina admits.

On the first day Kostomarov was in the hospital, doctors warned that the risks were very high. They gathered a council of doctors, the situation was critical.

“All indicators went off scale, these were actually numbers that do not live and do not survive. And my husband was born again,” says Oksana “AiF”.

Roman's wife Oksana and brother Denis are next to Roman, but his mother does not come to the hospital, but not because the doctors forbade it. The son himself asked the parent to refrain from visiting— it's difficult psychologically. They are afraid that the woman might develop heart problems due to acute experiences.

The family is grateful to the doctors who are on duty at the figure skater's ward 24/7. And while there is only one— pray that he gets out.
“So that he accepts the whole situation and lives a full life further,” & mdash; asks Oksana.

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