Now lives the actress from the series “Slave Izaura” Lucelia Santos

60-year-old actress Lucelia Santos became world famous for her role in the series “Slave Izaura”, which was released — it is terrible to imagine! — 40 years ago. In the filmography Loeselii no longer had another iconic role, but the actress because of this not going through.

Brazilian TV series “Slave Izaura” glorified all over the world Lucelia Santos. At the time of the airing of the first episode the actress was only 19 years old. After the show, Santos starred in many movies and on television. Some of the projects of the artist, including even had a sex tape, was quite successful, but none have surpassed the popularity of the “Slave Izaura”.

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Now Lucelia mostly plays in the theater, does yoga and is quite actively engaged Instagram. After her divorce from her husband John Heslinga, from which Santos has a grown son Pedro, the actress found the meaning of life and consolation in Buddhism and mountain tourism. Lucelia looks like now you can watch in our gallery. Do you recognize the “Slave Izaura”?

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