November 4 – the feast of the Kazan icon of mother of God

The image of the Kazan Mother of God icon was discovered in 1579 in Kazan, after a terrible fire destroyed part of the city. The mother of God was a 9-year old girl Matrona, and ordered to dig out Her icon from the ashes.


 4 листопада - день святкування Казанської ікони Божої матері

The celebration of the most Holy Theotokos, in honour of Its icon called “Kazan”, established on 4 November, reports Rus.Media.

And began the history of the Kazan icon in the distant 1579… Then a terrible fire destroyed half of the Kazan Kremlin with the adjoining part of the city. Long hours blazing glow, wailing women, crying children. In the fire were left homeless, many families, but do nothing, nobody burned will not return, and new housing should be ready before the cold weather. Hurry with the construction, among other victims of the fire and Strelets Daniel Onuchin. Daniel had a daughter, Matron. One day she appeared in a dream the mother of God and commanded to get out of the ground the icon.

“Dreams are sometimes from God, but visions only are Holy, that my dreams are not given importance,” said Matrona’s parents. But the dream was repeated a second and third time. When my parents decided to check up words of the girl. The Holy cow’s mother went on the specified virgin place, and found there, wrapped in the canvas icon. The image of the Mother of God was light and bright, as if the icon was written.

News of the miraculous finding of the relics quickly swept through the city. And now to this place in a hurry, the priests of neighboring temples, Archbishop Jeremiah solemnly moves the icon to the Church of St. Nicholas, where, after prayer, it was moved to the Annunciation Cathedral, the first Orthodox temple of Kazan, built by Ivan the Terrible. Once it became clear that the miracle — working icon during the procession received his sight two blind men Kazan.

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These miracles were the first in a long list of cases of gracious aid. The story of the finding so impressed the Tsar Ivan the terrible that he ordered to erect the Kazan Cathedral and founded a convent. There, after some time, took monastic vows Matrona and her mother.

The Kazan icon of the Mother of God

 4 листопада - день святкування Казанської ікони Божої матері

We pray to the icon of Kazan mother of God

Prayer before the Kazan icon of the Mother of God helps in all difficult cases of life, all sorrows, troubles, afflictions. Mother of God, through the prayers of Her before this way helps eye diseases – when, in 1579, found the icon of Kazan was moved to the temple, happened the first miracle healing of blindness: has sight, a beggar Joseph, who was blind for three years. But since the Kazan icon of the Mother of God – Hodegetria-the guide, the prayer before it helps in healing of blindness-not just physical, but spiritual. This icon is most often to bless the marriage of young, he was strong, and the joint the way was long, and that will help a young family the Kazan icon of the Mother of my Assistant and the Patron of the entire human race.

Prayer Of Our Lady Of Kazan

“Oh, Holy lady Theotokos, Queen of heaven and earth, the highest angel, and Archangel and all honest creatures, o pure virgin Mary, world Good assistant, and all of the people approval, and in any needs deliverance! Thou art the intercessor and our predstatelnoy, thou art abidemi to protect grieving rejoicing, shelter the orphaned, the widow’s guardian, the glory of virgins, tearful joy, visiting the sick, the weak, the healing, the salvation of sinners. Have mercy on us, mother of God, and grant our petition, it’s all possible Your petition: thy glory belongs now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.”

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Prayer before the icon of Kazan mother of God

“O Lady Most Holy Lady Theotokos! With fear, faith and love propedeuse before an honest icon of the Almighty, we pray Thee: turn not away Thy face from You resort to begging, Merciful Mother, Thy Son and our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and keep Myrna, our country, establish His Church Holy Yes neiblum will keep Yu from unbelief, heresy and schism. Not imams iniya for help not the imams iniya hope, except You, most pure virgin: thou art the Christians ‘ all-powerful Helper and Intercessor. Deliver all who faithfully pray to Thee sinful from falling, from evil slander people, from all sorts of temptations, sorrows, troubles and from naprasny death; grant us the spirit of destruction, humility of heart, purity of thoughts, correction of grehovnaya life and the remission of sins, Yes, all blahodarne thou didst sing praise to Your greatness, sodomise of the Heavenly Kingdom and Damo with all the saints to praise the Righteous, and Velikolepie the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.”

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